Locutions to the World

All messages listed on the pages below are from the Irish visionary Maria Divine Mercy and were initially listed on TheWarningSecondComing.com.  As controversial as these messages are, they still shed a bright light on the world today.  Perhaps they are worth another look.

Every message below contains the phrase “abortion”

Table of Contents

The Causes of World Problems

July 26, 2011


Debt Limit Crisis

As everything continues to swirl and events happen with no one (not even those with the greatest powers) able to set a direction, I want to explain what is behind the confusion.  The leaders believe that they can use human reasoning to find a common ground and set a direction.

However, these forces have a mind of their own.  They go off in any direction, heedless of the consequences and unable to be brought into control.  This is not one force, but multiple forces.  It is not a question of bringing one force into line.  None of the forces are aligned.

There is no line.  It is always shifting.  But this is what inevitably occurs when economic selfishness has been fed for so long.  Even reasonable restraints are seen as draconian.

Everything is amiss and this is a stage of affairs which America has brought upon itself.  For so long they have not listened to me.  They have gone their own way, throwing off the restraints upon their selfishness which is demanded by my Son in his gospel teaching.

The great divide began with abortion.  That issue set up the walls.  Go back.  Look at the political process before the legalization of abortion.  Was there not a bipartisan approach, a trying to work things out? Abortion changed all that.  Those who followed God’s law suddenly saw an issue where there could be no compromise.  Many had to withdraw.  Others compromised their beliefs.  Abortion is the great divide and abortion will always be the great divide.  I will not compromise.  I will not forsake the unborn, even if America has forsaken these smallest of her citizens.

I will divide you and divide you and divide you.  I will let your economy collapse.  I will tear your congress apart.  I will rip up your constitution.  As long as America says that every woman has a constitutional right to kill the child in her womb, I will hold your constitution as unconstitutional.  It is no longer a valid document.  America, you only think you have a constitution.  The Debt Crisis just reveals what I have been doing to you since your Supreme Court made its 1973 decision.  Now, I will strip you naked in the streets, for all to see.

You cannot solve your crises because you cannot solve your divisions.  Will I allow a house to stand which kills its unborn, millions and millions of these, and all done legally? Legally?

By whose law – yours or my Son’s? America, your debt crises is rooted in your divisions and your divisions are rooted in your Supreme Court abortion decision.  Find a middle ground! Find a middle ground! This is your cry: Yes, I want you to find a middle ground but your middle ground is not my middle ground.  My middle ground is life.  Your middle ground is death.  A country can only be united to preserve life.  How can you be unified when you protect those who cause death?

Comment: Look at the history of America since 1973.  Have we even been truly united since Roe vs.  Wade? Look at the large number of states which are automatically in the blue or the red column.  This is a new phenomenon in America.

The Cause of the Explosions

There are explosions everywhere.  Money markets are shaking.  Wars break out.  Revolutions take place on the streets.  Dictators kill their own people and America is shaking (in the breakdown of unity).  Should not mankind ponder the deeper causes? What causes these explosions? Are they linked together? Why are so many explosions happening at the same time? Should not mankind ask these questions? I will ask them.  I will put these questions before the nations.  They must answer these questions before it is too late.  I speak of too late.  It is already late and my words are a final effort to bring light.  Let us begin.

Look beneath the explosions.  Study the qualities and you will see a pattern.  Man is meant to help his fellow man because some are strong and some are weak.  Some have more resources than others.  Some have more political powers.  Some nations are better trained and organized politically.  The strong are meant to help the weak.  But what has happened? The strong always think of consolidating, of firming up their position, of gaining more of the marketplace.  The poor are excluded from the table.  They are taken for granted.  Their needs are never factored in.

They are seen as how they can be exploited and how they can feed the stronger nations.  Is this not all backward? When will the rich nations think of the poor? When will they shift their policies so the poor are blessed and fed at the table?

All of these explosions have resulted because mankind does not see others as their brothers and sisters.  What happens within a family? Is there exploitation? Do they charge one another interest? Do they keep accounts of favors? Or, do they seek the good of all? Are not the family relationships quite different? That is the reason for all those explosions.  Mankind does not live as a family.

Only my Son can bring you together.  He has restored the family of mankind.  Reject him and your family is destroyed.  Then you have explosions.

Comment: If God is our Father, then we are a family.  All are brothers and sisters.  To reject God is to destroy the idea of a family and to make mankind into strangers to each other.

America’s Great Sins

July 30, 2011


Why are the chastisements delayed? Because the little ones stand before God with their arms upraised in intercession.  Their prayers rise as sweet incense and the heavenly Father’s justice is blinded to the sins of men.  How long can this continue? How long can the intercession of the few cover over the sins of the many? This is why I speak.  The world is enjoying a time of reprieve, yet it does not understand this.  The world feels that it has many years of future blessings.  The world believes that God will not act.  Oh, he will always act as a Father, always tempering his justice, always seeking another way to correct the situation.

But a time comes when the children have decided the issue.

That is my teaching.  The children of this world decide the issue.  They are the ones whose hearts are free.  They refuse to turn back.  They continue to move ahead.  They lead the world astray.  When some children lead others astray, can the Father do nothing? Must he not act for those who are being led astray? This is how you must see the issues.  For the good of those who can be saved, the Father must act.

Before that moment (Oh, that terrible moment when I see what must happen if men do not repent), the Father has sent me.  He has told me, “You will be my final preacher.  If they do not listen to you, then I have no one else to send.  If I send my Son, Jesus, it will be the end.”

In the midst of all man’s sins, what will I preach? If I condemn all that needs to be condemned, the list will be too long.  Men will be confused and lose hope.  So, as a good preacher, I will pick out one sin, the most heinous of sins, the one that most arouses the anger of God.  I will preach against that sin.  My message will be easily understood and this is my promise.  “If the world repents of this one sin, I will hold back the chastisements of God and there will be a springtime without a winter.  Otherwise, the deadliest of winters will settle upon the earth.

The sin that stirs the anger of the Father is the killing of the unborn.  Repent of this sin and turn back to life.  I will protect you, if you protect these little ones.  Do not say this is impossible and that the political forces are too great.  Let us begin.  I will bless your efforts, stirring the hearts of others to join you.

Comment: Mankind has many sins, too numerous and too confusing to even list.  Mary picks out the great sin of abortion and promises that the Father’s anger will abate if mankind repents of this.

The Coming Election

September 10, 2011


I told you that America chose the darkness.   In the bible, when Israel went against the voices of the prophets, they chose their path of darkness.   I let them walk their path until they repented and turned back to me.   The same thing is happening in America.   The economic scourge is like the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem, the result of their sins.

Pro-Life Democrats

The economic weakness results from their choosing the darkness of abortion.   They elected a leader and a political party that sacrifices the unborn children for their political life.   I must bring the Democratic Party to repentance.   The few pro-life Democrats have no great effect upon the party.   This year there will be a ground-swell against the Democratic Party.

It will be motivated by the economy and will sweep the Democrats out of office.   It will decrease their numbers so they might listen to the pro-life voices in their midst, that these would gain a greater voice.   Then, there will be signs of new life.

The Republicans are trying to ride the horse of the economy to the victory line.   My interest is not in the economy but in the life of my people.   These are the candidates I will bring to the foreground, some of them surprisingly.   Even though the electorate will see them as candidates who create jobs, I will see them as candidates who protect lives.

Comment:  God has an intense interest in who leads America but God’s goals are often different than the people’s goals.

Mary, the Fundamentalist

October 29, 2011


In the world there is always movement.  Things are always changing.  One thing fades and another comes into prominence, like a show on a stage which moves from one act to the next.  Yet, man does not perceive.  Each scene leaves behind its effects.  This is what I want to describe.


People forget the way the world used to be, how people obeyed God and lived in his light.  This was the Age of Faith, when God’s law formed the culture.  Then, one thing after another came onto the stage.  Need I list them? Divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, in vitro fertilization, Playboy Magazine, Viagra.  The list goes on and on.  Fashions change and modesty is thrown away like an unwanted coin.  These did not come overnight.  Each one appeared slowly on the scene, one after another.  What will come next? You can see what I mean.  What people would never accept if introduced quickly, they gradually accept as it is presented to them little by little.  Life is forever changed because they forget the way life should be.  Now, all these forces are released in society and children who are born come into quite a different world, a darker world, a world filled with darkness that did not exist before.

How can this society be purified? Anyone who preaches is called radical, a fundamentalist.  Let it be known, I am the deepest of fundamentalists.  I see clearly the will of the Father.  I see how he views all these changes that have moved mankind away from his law.  I see the total disregard for the Lord’s Day.  I see the scourge that has happened to your children by the introduction of drugs and pornography.  I see and I speak so you might see.  Open your eyes to what has happened to America! Look at your children.  Are they the same as you or has society stole them from you and erased their religious values? Do they see life as you see it? Is their faith as deep as your faith?

What can be done? See the situation for what it is.  Awake from your blindness.  Cleanse your home.  Purify your family.  Say to yourself, “My family and I will walk a different road.  I will find other families who will walk with me.  We will come together to foster the ancient truths and the former values.” I will be with you on this long and arduous quest.

Comment: When the culture was healthy, families were healthy.  Now, the family must resist the culture.


Many persons and institutions are hollow, having no inner core of truth.  A time of judgment, different for each one, will come.  Those persons and institutions built upon a lie will be removed from office or they will collapse.  They will be replaced by people of truth and by institutions built on truth.  In this way, when decisions are made, the darkness will be put aside.

These people and institutions of darkness, allow the powers of darkness to spread and grab hold.  They see absolutely nothing wrong with the darkness.  They even agree with the darkness.

Because darkness is part of their agenda, they foster the darkness instead of removing it.

This must change.

The Israel – Iran Nuclear War

November 8, 2011


What is deep within comes to the surface.  What is sown in the field comes forth in the harvest (good or bad).  This is the law of nature and it is also the way of the kingdom, except for one thing.  The Father wants to intervene.  He does not say, “Look at mankind, he has sown evil; I will let him reap evil.” No.  He wants to destroy evil.  What is planted can be torn up.  Even though man has sinned for centuries, even though he has sown evil seeds of terrible destructive power, seeds that are beginning to break through the surface, there does not need to be a harvest of evil and destruction.  This is why the Father has sent me, the final preacher, the final word of warning to mankind.  He has sent me because although evil seeds are about to bring forth an evil harvest, the Father can and will intervene, even at this last moment, if only mankind repents of what he has done.

All of this seems impossible.  There have been so many sins for such a long time (so many abortions for so many decades).  How can, at this last minute, the harvest of death be avoided?

Yes, that is what man has sown, a harvest of death, and that is what man is about to reap, a harvest of death.  Not at the hands of the heavenly Father but at the hands of man himself.

Satan has stirred up nation against nation, peoples against peoples.  He has armed them with the most destructive weapons (and he is continuing to arm them at an alarming rate).  The nuclear arms are being moved into place.  Soon they will be aimed at Israel.  All the world just watches, as if it has seen this before.  Did not India and Pakistan gain nuclear arms to defend themselves (as they said)? Yet, these arms have never been used.  Iran is not arming itself for self-defense.  Satan owns their hearts.  From the very beginning, they had their target, Israel.

How imminent is this confrontation? Will it not draw other nations into the conflict? Will it not touch a match to all the oil spread throughout the Middle East (I deliberately use that image)? Once that fire it lit, how will it be contained? I say clearly, the hour is late.  The great harvest of worldwide destruction is about to come forth.  Yet, even at this hour, the Father will intervene but no one calls upon me or listens to these words.  I am God’s final preacher.

Comment: The world has gotten so used to nuclear proliferation that it views man as just another country gaining atomic weapons, but Iran is different.

The Satanic Fires Consuming America

November 10, 2011


As the fires continue to burn and spread, people will ask, “What can be done?” I tell you that it is late.  Much time has been neglected and wasted.  These fires were fed and nourished.  “We need not pay attention to them”, people said.  They went about their normal life, just as if nothing was happening.  Yet, a fire was burning, more than one fire.  There were many fires of destruction, all set by the same hand.  Satan is an arsonist.  He burns and destroys everything that is standing and he is always searching for new targets.  Nothing is out of his reach.  He would burn the whole earth and make it like his hell.  That is what the earth is facing.

Nothing will survive.  Never has the human race seen anything like what Satan wants to bring about.

Right now, he is enkindling his fires.  He carefully guards them and allows no one to put them out.  He has enticed the whole world.  He has friends everywhere.  Decades ago, he set the fire of abortion and released it upon the world.  Suddenly, laws that for centuries had protected the unborn were swept away by a single stroke of the Supreme Court’s pen.

Any attempt to put out that fire is met with swift and powerful opposition.  “The woman has a right to choose”, they proclaim.  They do not understand that they are friends of Satan, protecting his fire of destruction that has killed millions and gained great profits for Planned Parenthood abortion providers.

Do you not see? People protect Satan’s fires.  Attempts to stamp them out are fiercely opposed.

Is this what you want, America? Do you want Satan’s fire? Every day you are choosing his fires and I say to you, “His fires will burn down your house.  It will burn your fields.  It will burn your institutions and it will even burn your Constitution.  You will become a despoiled America, an America that is torn apart and divided.  I tell you that if you do not put out the satanic fire of abortion, your house will not stand.  The decision is yours.  Which fire do you want, the fire of Satan or the fire that comes from my Immaculate Heart? The fire of my heart contains all the unborn.  If you reject the unborn, you reject my fire and choose his.

Comment: People are totally unaware of Satan and his fires.  They protect a fire which they should be putting out.

A One-Sided War

November 13, 2011


I watch over all who call upon me.  I protect them from morning until night.  They are never out of my sight.  I want to keep everyone safe, but if people do not believe in me and do not look to me for help, then a wall exists, placed there by the Evil One.  A darkness surrounds people and covers their eyes, so they cannot see their heavenly mother and be guided by her.  This, too, is the work of the Evil One.  By these words, I try to remove the wall and scatter the darkness.  If this happens, then the fullness of my protection can come to each person.  Even in Satan’s greatest trials, I will provide an escape.  Let us begin.

The Book of Revelation speaks of Satan’s plots against myself and my child and when these are foiled Satan goes off to wage war against the rest of my offspring “those who keep God’s commandments and witness to Jesus”.  (Rev.  12: 4-17)

This is what is taking place.  He has gone off to wage war.  The war is raging and the signs are everywhere.  They are totally misinterpreted by the world which wonders what is going wrong and which believes that man can solve these problems.  The longer these misconceptions continue, the more headway the Evil One can make.  This is a ridiculous situation.  One side has declared war and is ravaging the countryside, plundering the treasures and killing the inhabitants.

(How many have died because of drugs? How many babies have been killed by abortions?) Still, no one realizes that war has been declared.  There is no awareness.  There is no call to arms.

There are no strategies because people do not even know that a war is raging.

That is why I give these messages.  You are at war! Yet, for you, it is life as usual.  You take your vacations, spend your money (which is not yours) and you do not listen to the voice that would save you because I say “Prepare”! Will the whole land be ravaged?

Comment: When only one side wages war, the other is bound to lose.


Because You Kill the Unborn

January 28, 2012


Before a storm breaks the clouds gather and all know that a storm is coming.  The quality of the clouds even reveals the power of the storm, little or great.

The Hiddenness of Evil

But this will not be the way with the coming events.  There will be no clear signs because they will depend on the hidden decisions of men.  Evil works in hiding, so that the effects cannot be prepared for and the greatest possible damage is inflicted.  This is the pattern – sudden surprises, catching people off guard.

I speak to reveal what is hidden, so that all who listen and heed my words are protected.

The Prime Targets

What attracts evil? What are the prime targets? What will cause the greatest panics and draw the biggest headlines? Where do crowds gather, making people easy targets? These questions are the ones usually asked.  Evil has another set of questions.  Who is at my disposal? Whom do I control? Whom can I use now and who will be available later? What is the overall plan?

America’s Wrong Response

After 9/11, America said “We will rebuild and we will kill those who killed us”.  It did not say “We must repent because we ourselves have killed millions of our unborn citizens”.  When destruction happens again I want you to say, “Let us cleanse our nation of the death of abortion”.  Otherwise, it need to happen a third time until you finally get the message.  You are the greatest murderers of your own citizens.

New York was the first site and New York will be the second site.  Then it will spread to other cities, more quickly than anyone could imagine, until many of the largest cities are struck.  The focus will be the trains and subways.  There great confusion happens immediately and people quickly panic.

After these series of strikes, many will live in fear and normal life will be greatly disrupted, out of all proportion to the power of the terrorists who have maximized the damage they inflicted.  With a small number of people and a small amount of explosives, they will manage to cripple much of American life.

What will be America’s response? The political leaders will know what to say to enhance their importance.  Civil leaders will respond to try to restore a normal routine.  But will anyone cry out – “Do you not see? Because we kill the unborn, God has lifted his protecting hand from a country that used to keep his laws.”

Comment: More Americans were aborted in September 11, 2001 (about 4000) than were killed in the Twin Towers (about 3000).  Mary points out the connection but America never got the message.


Words to Sinners

April 27, 2012


Many are taken up with this pastime or that goal, and they forget why God created them.   As they wander from my path, they suffer hardships that need never have happened.   They even inflict hardships on others because their life is out of control.   All of this could have been avoided.   Their life should be filled with earthly and heavenly happiness.   Instead, it becomes like a wineskin that holds no wine.

Leaving the Road

Yet, I watch and watch as so many of my children leave the road of virtue to follow the attractions of vice.   All are entangled in bonds that they cannot break.   In sorrow like a mother who sees what happens every day.   Let me speak to this issue.

Because of its great attractiveness, sin ensnares very quickly.   Even a person trained in virtue, who has followed virtue for a long time, can become entwined in forces that claim them, pulling them away from all that was taught to them.   Those who feasted on the bread of angels now are quite content with the worldly bread that can never satisfy them.

Powerful Forces

What is the problem?  They are pulled in so many different directions.   Even if they resist, they do not have the strength to resist all that the world and the devil throw at them.   They are assaulted on every side by the most powerful of forces.   The lure of great attractions increases every day.   There are more and more doors into the sinful.

O reader, if this is you then listen to my words.   I will come for you, no matter what sins you have committed and no matter what sinfulness fills your life.   List them all – lust, greed, murder, selfishness, abortion, divorce, infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, theft, lies.   Need I go on?

Make your own list of what you have done.   Never, never say that your life is hopeless, that you can never save your soul.   I know the road of sin that you have taken and I know the road back to goodness where you want to be.

Comment: Mary searches and searches.   No one need be lost.

Do Not Forget the Unborn

June 28, 2012


Everything continues to unravel, all that my hand had tightly brought together as I formed America.  I rooted her in the religious traditions of her ancestors.  I gave her the clearest of Constitutions.  I spread before her this land, from sea to shining sea.

I appeared to General Washington and told him of my care for the Republic.  Now, the Republic unravels at an amazing pace.  Interest groups rise up.  Politicians swerve off the mark.  My people are scattered.  Everything is coming apart.

Ills will come upon an America whom I love and whom I hold deep in my heart.  She will be buffeted from every side, but it will be the internal strife that will most quickly rip her apart.  Her unity will be in jeopardy.  The Constitution itself, will be greatly tested by all the forces pulling in so many different directions.  I have spoken before and I will speak again.  A Constitution that does not protect the unborn is no Constitution at all.

A Disintegrating Constitution

Repair your Constitution, America, before it is too late and the forces of disintegration take firm hold.  You do not see this.  It is hidden from your eyes.  You think all is well when the hidden foundation of your society is rotting away.

How many aborted babies do I need to count? Their number mounts higher every day.  They weigh heavily on the scales of justice and you are found wanting on the other side.  I knew their names.  They are written on the walls of my heart, like you inscribe your deceased war heroes on your walls.

Who speaks about them? Are they a serious issue in your political campaign? They have been knocked down the ladder of political priorities.  But they still stand at the top of my list.  Those politicians who seriously take up the cause of the unborn, I will place in my heart and I will guide them through the Halls of Congress, placing them in important positions.  To the voters and to the candidates, I say “Do not forget the Unborn”.

Comment: Mary correctly brings the abortion issue to the center of the agenda.

Evil Collapses

October 22, 2012


The other signs will also be clear.  Suddenly, the enormous walls of evil will crumble.  Those institutions that are built on sin and propagate sinful activities will suddenly fall on hard times – abortion providers, pornography makers, politicians who exploit evil and the gambling casinos.  All of these industries Satan has built slowly and I will have them crumble quickly.  This is to free my people from these life-destroying parasites, who force their evils especially upon those with addictions.  In this way, many will be free to listen to the preachers.


In the gospels, Jesus sent forth his preachers and told them that he would follow them, visiting the towns which were prepared.  I, however, say to my preachers, “Do not be afraid.  I will go before you.  I will prepare the way for you, just as you will prepare the way for my Son.”

I know that you are fearful and do not know exactly what to do.  As I go before you, I will prepare hearts.  As you preach, you will be surprised.  The people’s hearts have already been touched in a private and silent way.  These people need also the external preaching which will confirm what they have already experienced.

I will not ask my preachers to form new roads or to remove great mountains.  I will do this as I go before you.  You will be surprised how these prepared hearts will respond.  But you must preach.  The people need the external word to confirm their internal experience.

America, the Rebellious Child

December 28, 2012


I want to speak of repentance, a turning back to God.  America has walked away.  It has chosen a path of sin.  This decision has been made many times by the officials whom it has elected.  By their public decisions, they have set America on a course that is at cross-purposes with God’s design.  America wants to go where God does not want it to go.  It is a rebellious child, unwilling to listen.  The country conceived with divine promise has forgotten its heritage and has exchanged it for another.  Only after much suffering and sorrow will I be able to recall America to its original greatness.


The sins are too numerous to mention and the number caught up in them grows every day.  Nothing is sacred to America.  All has been secularized.  Man places his hands on what is forbidden and says, “I can do this if I please”.  America has carved out a new religion.  She sacrifices to her contraceptives and worships at her abortion mills.  No divine laws are left standing.  All has been overturned.  How can America repent when it does not even know the way back to God?


Saving the Children From Darkness

January 15, 2013


I see the harm done to all the children.  They were born in darkness and live all their life in darkness.  They have never known the culture of light.  They have never known an America which outlawed abortion, an America that censored its films and protected the airwaves.  They have never known an America which was a shining light of religious practice.  The children are the ones so deeply affected by the new darkness and this darkness will not end soon.  Therefore, I must turn to parents and ask them to provide their children with a family light.  I will bless all your efforts.  Even if they seem futile to you, do not abandon this task.


We come to the end of this little teaching on light and darkness.  The words are so important.

All the angels are concerned for the children, so sensitive, so easy to sway, so impressionable.  They are easy prey for the Evil One.  He injects himself early into their lives.  The world of darkness provides Satan with many new and powerful opportunities to harm and to destroy.

He always waits for his chance.  If he fails today, he will try again tomorrow.  Such must be your vigilance, day and night, week after week and year after year.  You cannot slacken off.

You cannot say “I have done my job”.  Even grown children need your words because the world draws them and entraps them.  Only constant vigilance protects them.

The Day of Infamy

January 22, 2013


Woe to this day! Forty years ago, millions of millions of children, some not even conceived, were condemned to death.  Who gave judges the right to change my laws? This day is forever stamped on the soul of America.  January 22nd is truly a day that will go down in infamy.

America’s ship will sink more than the ships at Pearl Harbor.  Already her ship is sagging in the sea and taking on water that cannot be stopped.  Why? “What is wrong with America people ask? What is happening?”

I will tell you clearly.  Listen carefully and you will understand.  America has destroyed itself.  It has sacrificed its children to political expediency.  For every child whose blood is shed in an abortion clinic, the blood of America itself is shed.  Blood drop for blood drop.

One life for one life.  A child is killed and a gun gets fired.  A child is sacrificed, and a business leaves America.  A child is murdered and the deficit grows.  Yes, a child, a child, a child – how many times each minute, like the clicking of a clock.  Your clock is ticking, America.  Soon, so very soon, as you continue to sacrifice your children, the clock will go off and the explosion will happen.  Your ship will not just sag but a hole will be blown in its side.  Do not forget.  You elected the president of abortions for four more years.  Do not say, Why has God done this to us?” You have made the decision, not I.  The blood of every unborn child that is sacrificed to abortion is on your hands, not mine.


All I see is blood.  Blood is everywhere.  Innocent blood.  No sin has stained this blood.  No crime caused its shedding.  The child invaded no one.  Hurt no one.  Had no say in its own existence or in its own death.  It was where God himself placed it, in the womb of its mother where it belonged, where it was safe and where it grew.  It performed only those natural functions of life and growth.  In a few months, it would have left her body, allowing her organs to return to normal.

Why did anyone shed its blood? Who acted as its defense attorney in the trial that condemned it to death? Where was its due process? Who were the members of the jury? And by what right does America stand by and allow this blood to be shed?

These are all the unanswered questions.  They are my questions and someday soon I will get answers.  How you ask? I will call America to trial and I will act as the judge, the prosecutor and the jury, just as happens now to the unborn.  I will not even allow you to defend yourself, just as you do not allow the unborn to defend themselves.  America, I will avenge their blood.

So, I say to you, “Before it is too late.  Stop the killing! Change your laws.”

With whom will I begin? Certainly not with those mothers who were caught, frightened, burdened, confused, pressured by others, talked to and convinced by professionals.  These mothers are not the problem.  It is your cold calculating politicians who value their elected office.  They are the ones who shed the blood.  The doctors and the providers who value their money, they shed the blood.  That is where I will begin, unless they repent.  These words are spoken solemnly and when I begin to act, I hope everyone remembers what I said.

Burdened With the Past

February 8, 2013


What will I say to those who feel the burden of past sins?  Of the sins of their youth?  Of the poor decisions in their marriage?  Of the effects of addictions?  What do I say, especially, to those who see that their life has slipped away from them and that the hopes which they once had are crushed?  These are the ones who carry inner burdens that seemingly have no answer.   They have made choices and their decisions have been the wrong ones.

Long ago, I became man to help you.   I came to call sinners, not the righteous.   I came to help those who seemingly had been cast aside by their own decisions.   Do you not see?  I am the redeemer and you are in need of redemption.   Let me be a redeemer to you.   In me, all is redemption for those who know they need redemption.


A Woman Who Has Had An Abortion

I speak specifically to the woman who has chosen an abortion and knows that she cannot go back.   She cannot change her decision.    She cannot say, “Give that life to my child which I decided to remove”.


All is not lost.   Begin with sorrow for your decision.   That is the door that opens to life.


Do not listen to those who would explain away the act.   Those explanations do not reach the depth of your guilt.   I must pluck out the sorrow, like someone removing a stone from your heart.   Come now.   Let us begin.   Go to the priest.   Confess your sin.   Receive my Son’s forgiveness.   I will be with you there.   After that, I will show you the road to walk to regain a fullness of peace.

A Word to Pregnant Women

April 22, 2013


Each day, the Trinity makes this decision to create many human persons according to its own image and likeness.   Each person is unique, formed totally by God and united with a human nature.   Then, the great mystery begins.   What will the person become?  How will others care for him?  What decisions will he make?  A new life begins, sacred from the very beginning and destined to live forever.   What has begun will never cease to be.   The human person, directly created by God at the moment of conception, can never be destroyed or annihilated.   This leads us into the greatest mysteries.


Human conception begins the great story of each person, conceived but still not free to act and to choose.   That will come soon enough, if the mother allows the pregnancy to go to term.

Here, I must delay a moment and speak to women about their own bodies.   You are a woman, able to conceive and nourish human life.   When you are pregnant, you do not carry in your womb just some living material.   You carry a person, created by God at the moment of conception.   For these months, this person depends upon your body and your cooperation.   If you withdraw your help, and destroy the child by abortion, he/she will continue to exist but without any chance of living or of giving new life to others.   God decided to create this person but it is your decision to give birth.

A Generation Born Into Darkness

May 19, 2013


Light streams from heaven so that earth does not lie in darkness.   However, mankind has learned how to block heaven’s light.   He extinguishes the lights one by one, until so much now lies in darkness.   When darkness begins the people at least have memories of the light and what earth was like when heaven’s lights shone forth.

As time goes on, a younger generation springs up which born into the darkness.   They have no memories of these lights because they were extinguished before they were born.   Such it is with the great moral questions of abortion and, soon, of same sex marriages.   The younger generation will be born into that darkness without any realization that different lights used to shine.


This is why we speak – to preserve the light of heaven.   I do not speak to condemn.   However, if I did not speak, the darkness would have no enemy, no voice raised against it.   Human voices are not enough.   They are easily drowned out or set aside.   Mine is a heavenly voice, which carries its own authority.   Who will dispute with me?  Who can say that I do not love mankind, when I sacrificed my only Son?  Who can accuse me of bias?  I am your mother and I say quite clearly.   “You are putting out the only lights that can save you from complete darkness.”  I will not allow this to happen.

Discerning the Evil One

September 3, 2013


The spirit of evil is most effective when he is hidden and people do not realize that he is at work.  The gift of discernment unmasks him, reveals him, and shows the person how to be freed from his power.

He is the spirit of lies, confusion and division.  He is the spirit of wars, suffering and destruction.  He is the spirit of lust.  (Oh, how this spirit has gone forth upon the world.) He is the spirit of death in abortions and of hatred in relationships.  He is the spirit of greed that drives a person to seek avariciously and to forget his neighbor.  He is the spirit of infidelity that leads a spouse into illicit relationships.  He is the spirit of addictions that claims alcoholics and those who use drugs.

He is the spirit of division that divides and destroys families; the spirit of hatred and revenge which resists God’s gift of forgiving others.  He is the spirit of rebellion when people say, “I will not serve God.” How extensive is his influence.  Because he is not seen, he goes undetected.

He is everywhere, but must act only on the surface until he discovers some door into the human heart.  Then he enters, until he is revealed and renounced.

The Two Mountains

October 2, 2013


America has embarked on unchartered waters and the American people look on helpless, as their elected representatives clash over the financial crisis.  This should come as no surprise.  No sudden calamity happened.  The debt is a mountain which has been consistently growing for all to see.

I point out another mountain that also increases daily, the mountain of unborn children whose bodies are destroyed.  America, you have two ever-growing mountains, your debts and your abortions.  You worry about the one but easily dismiss the other.

This present crisis will be resolved.  Compromises will be made.  The government will reopen but the two mountains of your debts and your abortions will keep growing.  Another day awaits you from which no one will save you.  How clearly can I speak? Who will heed my warnings? The heart of America must receive a new fire that comes only from my heart.

A Sword That Divides America

October 12, 2013


I have drawn my sword of division against America.  I will divide the president from the congress and, the congress from the people.  I will divide the federal government from the state governments.  I will divide America from head to toe.  All will be division.

I do this, America, because you have drawn your sword against your unborn.  They have never lived to see their own country.  Why should I allow the mothers, the fathers, the doctors, the politicians, those who made money and all those who have voted for abortion to enjoy a peaceful America?

Eventually, I will even put your constitution to the sword.  Why should I protect a constitution that supposedly gives a woman the right to kill her child? I will use the very words of your own president, “I will not negotiate”.  I will not sacrifice even one child upon the altar of compromise.

You ask, “How long will this last”? When America puts away forever its sword of abortion, I will put away my sword of division.  So, when you see all the divisions suddenly arising in American life, do not ask, “Why is this happening and how long will it last”? I have already told you the answers.

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