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Locutions to the World - Consecration of Russia


Consecration of Russia from the Locutions to the World is a collection of the private revelation messages (you do not have to read or believe but not reading would be a mistake) given by a Pennsylvanian soul concerning the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is a lot of reading but it covers just about everything concerning this topic including the mention of the Berlin Wall in 1987.  If this subject interests you, reading this is well worth your time. 

Locutions to the World are a large number of private revelation messages given to a Pennsylvania soul,  by the Virgin Mary and Jesus, beginning in December of 2010.  They were to be given to the world.

The soul was under the direction of their diocesan priest who was a spiritual advisor to Mother Teresa and had Padre Pio for his own personal spiritual advisor.

Below is an extraction of only the messages containing the word “consecration of Russia.”  All titles are in red and the date the message was given to the soul is below the title.

Also, every occurrence of the word “consecration” and “Russia” is in bold red.

All messages are listed chronological order given which has no bearing on the occurrence chronological order.   

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

Mary, Mother of the Church

March 5, 2011

In these lengthy locutions, Mary acts as Mother of the Church.  First, she speaks about the Popes.

The Pope Consecrating Russia

The secret of the First Pentecost was that Peter gathered with me and I was able to prepare him to receive the Holy Spirit, my spouse.  I was God’s lowly handmaid, but I was instructed by the most high God and knew the secrets of the king.

The crowds at Pentecost did not overwhelm Peter.  His clear words invited the people to do what he had done, to repent and to receive the Holy Spirit.

I took great hope that day.  I saw that my Son’s message would be preached until the end of time.  I saw all of Peter’s successors, the long line of popes.  They were all placed in my heart.  As Mother of the Church, I accepted them all.

How I have watched over them, even those whose personal lives were not in order, making sure that they did not err in faith and morals.  And the holy popes, I have used to enlighten the world.

What should I say of the recent popes?  They have all blessed my Church, opening doors to the Holy Spirit encouraging vast works and inviting all to participate in Church life.

But the great work is still to be done, left to the last minute, so to speak, the work I spoke about at Fatima and which I later commanded to be done.  – the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and devotion to the five First Saturdays.  These two are joined together, the mutual work of the Pope and the faithful.  Do not ask why the Pope delays.  That is in my hands.  My desire is that the faithful do not delay.  No one holds them back.  They must begin to practice the Five First Saturdays immediately.  The power will build and sweep the Holy Father along, then both head and members will be ready with full heart to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

Comment:  Although these words center on the popes, the real message is for you, the reader.

Begin now to practice the Five First Saturdays.  You will be hastening the papal consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

The Five First Saturdays

To fulfill Mary’s request, you must do four things on the First Saturday of five consecutive months.

  1. Receive Holy Communion (If this is not possible on Saturday, then the Sunday following)
  2. Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation (a week before or a week after)
  3. Say a Rosary (5 decades)
  4. Meditate for fifteen minutes on a mystery of the Rosary.

 Your motive for doing these must be to make reparation for sins against Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

Mary and the Priests

I see my priests.  Some are worthy.  Some are unworthy.  Some bless the Church and some disgrace the Church.  But, they are all my priests and for each I have a word that they need to hear, a word that comes from a mother’s heart.

To My Sinful Priests

These priests hear many words from their consciences, which reprove them, but they do not respond.  Their emotions are empty and they are helpless.

So, to you my sinful priests, I speak no word of rebuke.  I speak a mother’s word.  Do not act upon my word immediately for you are in too much pain.  First, let my word heal you.  Then, arise from your sickness and walk to your brother priest in sorrow and repentance.  I will greet you there in the sacrament of penance.

Oh, you have been to confession often but without the repentance needed to rise from your sins.  Notice, I will have you rise first.  You will already have repentance before you confess your sins.  When the sacrament is over, we will walk together.  This, too, you have lacked in previous confessions.  You had no one to guide you after you confessed.

The secret lies in my words.  Listen to these words and let them surround your heart.  Do not dismiss them.  They are my messages of hope and healing.  If you take my words into your heart, recalling them and remembering them frequently, I promise that you will arise from your sins.  If this does not happen immediately, remember that these are words of grace which must first permeate you and attract you into the light.

I speak these words to you, yes to you my sinful priests, who have done unspeakable things which cling to your memory and weigh upon your heart.  These deeds are like an anchor which does not allow you to come to Jesus, even though you are invited so often during the liturgical year.  The following are your heavenly mother’s words.  They come from my heart, so listen carefully.

I know your name.  In your heart right now, I am speaking your name.  Listen to your name spoken by the Queen of Heaven.  How do I know you?  Of course, I know you.  A mother never forgets her priest son.

Why did you stray?  What took you so far away from your priestly life?  Who led you down the wrong road?  These questions have answers but does it really matter now?  Why pull up those memories?  Why recall your mistakes?  What good does it do?  That road is too long and you will never come to the end.  You must turn around.  You have wandered because of human love – for things or for others.

By these words, I reveal my human love for you.  Yes, my human love, a mother’s love.  I do not want you to perish in hell.  A priest in hell is a special trophy for the Evil One, a splendid victory that he marches around because it displays his craftiness.

Also, I do not want your remaining years on earth to be filled with remorse, emptiness and darkness.  Satan will claim you as early as he can, dragging you into his darkness long before your death.  In this way, you are his and his victory is sealed, many years before you actually die.

I want you to come into my light and into a new fruitfulness in your priestly ministry.  I want to give you spiritual children whom you bring into the light.  I have waiting for you a happy priesthood, filled with those who love you and will walk with you into eternal life.

Which life do you want for yourself?  Do you want years lived in your sins, filled with indescribable loneliness which lead only to the grave and to hell?  Or a new life, filled with people who need your priestly powers, who will pray for you and be with you.  Yes, I will send them, but you must repent.  These final years can lead to a happy death and to life everlasting.

Look at the two roads!  Look at the two roads!!

Right now you are on the wrong one and are unable to choose the right one.  Your only hope is in my words.  Read them again and again until the tears stream down your face.  Then, go and find your brother priest.  He will be a fountain of God’s mercy.  I will wait for you there.

Comment:  Mary knows that the sinful heart is anchored, hopeless and unable to repent.  Even her loving powerful words do not have instant results.  Slowly they permeate.  Although the process is long, the results are true and lasting – a priest restored to grace, a true pastor of his people.

To My Discouraged Priests

You experience a pervasive darkness, thinking that you are a failure.  You do not say this aloud nor proclaim it to others, but the feeling gnaws away.  It is a truth that confronts you at every turn, in the poor response of your people, in your small harvest and in your loss of enthusiasm.

You try so many remedies!  Sometimes you lose yourself in entertainments.  Sometimes you see few ministries.  O you discouraged priests, return to the initial spring of your call.  Those waters still flow.  You drank from them in your youth but you think that they are no more.  I promise you that I will release them afresh within you.

I ask these questions.  Did I not call you to your priesthood, saying, “Come on this path.  Do not walk another.  Give up wife and children, home and family.”  In those early days, did you not hear my voice?  Did you not turn away from all that your human nature so powerfully sought?

Now answer me this question, “Did I stop speaking to you?  Did I lead you into the priesthood and then abandon you?  Is it my joy to see you overwhelmed with failure, your years spent in darkness?  Go back.  Recall how you heard my voice, the spring of your priestly call.  This voice still flows within you.  Do not plunge into your recreations or into your empty works.

Go back and plunge into the power of my words that brought you to the priesthood.  We will begin again and search together.  As your mother, I will lead you by my words.

You have looked outside of yourself but you have not looked inside of yourself to the voice of your mother who led you to the priesthood.

Comment:  The priesthood is an inner call, and Mary highlights this mystical inner spring of her voice that led the young man to embrace his priestly call.  Now, she calls him back to her voice and her words.

The Consecration of Russia and the Jerusalem Papacy

August 17, 2011


When all is put in place and all the events are about to occur, I will raise up a son to be the pope.  He will be well instructed in my ways and he will not fail me.  I will have instructed him for years and then, through the most extraordinary of events, I will lift him to where no one thought he would ever attain.

He will be a man of faith and will walk only in my ways and in my light.  All will be clear to him because I will have revealed everything ahead of time.  There will be no doubt and no hesitancy.

The Two Goals of a Short Papacy

Because of the confusion of the world, he will set aside many of the usual tasks, and will focus on the tasks that I had revealed to him ahead of time – the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and the moving of the papacy from Rome to Jerusalem.  These are the two important goals of his short papacy.

My Church will be positioned again, just as I positioned the Church when I placed Peter and Paul in Rome and led them to their martyrdom.  This planted my Church in Rome, where it has been for all these centuries.  Now it is time to root it again in the soil of Israel and in the Middle East.  It is in Jerusalem that all will find peace.  No longer will my death and resurrection be set aside.  All will see that Jerusalem is the holy city.  Because of that holiness, peace will come to the world.

All will tell the story, the fathers to their children.  They will tell the story of what I accomplished in Jerusalem and why Jerusalem is the center of the world.  Yes, I say, the center of the world.  Other cities will exist and have their own importance but it is to Jerusalem that they will look for their wisdom.  Presidents and kings, men and women with political power, will submit to the wisdom of Jerusalem and all the nations will walk again by my light.

See all the events in this light.  It will not be accomplished in one step or two steps.

How can I shake the present order? How much that now exists must be set aside? I will use many to accomplish my plan, even the strategies and the powers of the Evil One will unwittingly bring it about.  Step by step.  All will proceed until all the nations see what I have done to exalt the mountain of Zion.

Comment: Jesus is the Lord of history.  He wants all the world to remember what he accomplished in Jerusalem.  To do this, he must exalt Jerusalem and make it the center of the world.  Only when people see Jerusalem exalted will they remember the events which happened there.

The Sunday Dollar

August 21, 2011


America is like a field that has been neglected for so many years.  Formerly, it was a fertile field, bringing forth the fruits of goodness.  It had the houses of worship, families which prayed and marriages that lasted.  Now, all its fruits have spoiled because an enemy has sown his fruits.  What will I do with this field that was mine and is no longer mine, with a nation that was consecrated but now renounces its consecration? Are you ready to declare like the European nations, “We are secular”? The words are already on your lips.  Do not say them.  Do not let me hear those words.  This would be the final break.  Your ties to God are already tenuous, yet there is some life.  Can the religious spirit regain its fervor? Let us see.  Let us examine the situation.  I will point out the problems.

You have filled the Lord’s Day with your concerns.  ”Why close the stores?” you say.  “Why deprive ourselves of this day, when so much can be sold?” Yes, much is sold – it is your soul that you are selling for the almighty dollar, but your dollar is no longer almighty.  Store up your dollars.  Soon they will be of much less value.  Sell your goods.  Soon your people will be in debt.  Open your stores.  They are filled with goods made in other nations.  Is this want you want, America? Is this the American dream?

Well, I have a different dream and if you do not accept my dream, then yours will soon be a nightmare, and that day is not far away.

This is my dream for you, America.  I want a Lord’s Day when your Churches are full and your stores are closed.  Do not the two go together? Can a family be at both? Are not your open stores a challenge to the Churches? Do they not appeal to the selfishness of man? Will he not always think of what he needs? He thinks of what he can obtain, even when he is already in debt.

Many will not listen to me.  But those who hear my words can act.  Keep holy the Lord’s Day, and I will keep you safe in the coming trials.

Comment: To keep alive the religious spirit demands a setting aside of secular pursuits.  When secular activity goes on as usual, many forget their religious duties.

The Effects of Consecrating Russia

August 31, 2011


Do not be afraid to pierce the mysteries because these are mysteries of life, which will bring eternal life to those who follow my words.  Now, there are towers of death, powerful and seemingly invincible.  These will collapse like the Communist system.  My son, Pope John Paul II, consecrated a year to me and look at what happened during that year.  The wall came down and Communism was toppled, without a single shot being fired and without war being declared.

All of this happened before the eyes of all, on the 2000 anniversary of my birth, deliberately highlighted by the pope from behind the Iron Curtain.  It was for him that I did this.

Now, I will raise up another person who will do a greater consecration, the one I have asked for at Fatima.  All the world will know that this has been done, completed with all the bishops and with the world looking on.

The Collapse of Evil

Slowly, the foundations of evil will erode.  There is no need to blow up a building.  If the foundation erodes, the whole building will collapse.  When the building collapses, then evil will no longer go forth

What will happen when the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? My armies will go forth.  I will call all the little ones.  They will know that my great request has been fulfilled.  They will say, “We are at a new moment in history.  It has taken us almost 100 years but at last, the request has been fulfilled.” There will be a new hope and a new spirit.  All those who worked so hard to bring this about, will experience unbelievable joy.  They will have a new power.  They will know that their Queen has finally been proclaimed and that I finally am placed on the lampstand.  This will not just be a mental reality.  I will send my presence all over the world.  My army will experience that I am with them.  Then, they will march.

Comment: So many are praying for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.  When this happens, Mary’s army will evangelize in joy.

October 13, 2011


Why do I hold Russia in my heart? Why do I ask for a consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart? Why do I single out that country, which spreads from East to West, and is composed of so many peoples?

When I first mentioned my request to the children of Fatima, Russia was in the ascendency.  It was not ascending to holiness but to power through a demonic strategy.  What was hidden on this day (94 years ago when the miracle of the sun took place) soon became manifest to all.  A demonic power called “Communism” was about to commandeer an entire nation and use that nation to attempt to build a world-wide empire dedicated to Communistic principles.  Russia was not Communistic.  Its people were believers in my Son.  However, this demonic evil chose to attach itself to this nation and to use it as its instrument.  The harm that resulted, the millions who were killed and the millions who were enslaved by Communism’s spread is known to all.  In the year dedicated to me by Pope John Paul II (1987 – 1988) Communism began to be toppled.

Yes, the external walls were removed.  The system was dismantled and new freedoms and structures arose.  But the demonic has not been cast out.  The peoples’ hearts have not been set free.  The darkness still remains at the center.  I do not have a purified Russia.  The evil still lingers.  The demonic is still in its blood.  Russia does not belong to me.

So, I must stress this again.  I want the Holy Father to consecrate Russia, in union with all the bishops of the world, to my Immaculate Heart.  Then Russia will be truly mine and I will begin to work signs and wonders.  Both the West and the East will see what I am doing.

Everything will go forth and all will begin.  This will be the first act in the new drama.

Comment: October 13, 1917 was the great miracle of the sun at Fatima, Portugal, seen by 70,000 people and reported in all the newspapers.  At the same time, Communism was taking over Russia.

A Return to a Non-Nuclear Age

October 19, 2011


As far as the East is from the West, so is the distance now between the heavenly Father and mankind.  The human race is hurtling down this road which it has chosen.  The speed picks up and the distance from God grows greater.  So, I come to search and to confront, to speak and to urge.  I am the final barrier protecting mankind.  I must stop him in his tracks and turn him around so that the ultimate forces of destruction are not released.

It seems impossible to mankind that these forces will be used.  For decades now, mankind has lived in an atomic age.  At first, this caused great fears but as the years went on and as these bombs were not used, mankind learned to live in an atomic age, as if the span of years guaranteed that the bombs would never be used.

How foolish this is.  Has man ever invented a destructive force which he has not used? Does not a moment come, when someone, in desperation, does not resort to the final weapons at his disposal? Are these weapons not at the disposal of so many? So, what precludes a use of these nuclear arms? And if one atomic bomb is used, will it be the last one or only the first one, as other nations unleash their nuclear might in retaliation? The result is too devastating to even imagine.  No nation would have the resources to come to the rescue and to offer even the minimum of help.

I paint this picture so as to confront mankind as he hurtles down this road away from the heavenly Father.  (I will say this).  The weapons exist and the enmity between nations exists because of Satan’s hopes and plans.  He has engineered all of this, raising up people who have brought this about, stirring up hearts that selfishly looked to their own prominence in the world.  Now the world is an armed camp.  What can be done?

There must be a nuclear melt-down that removes the power of these armaments, which makes them ineffective, where nations will want to destroy these weapons forever.  There will be no lasting peace until every atomic weapon is destroyed and man returns to the simplicity of the pre-atomic age.  Can this ever happen? It is the only solution.  These arms cannot continue to be in man’s power and never be used.  Can man return to that moment when these weapons of war never existed? I hold that grace in my Immaculate Heart and I await the consecration of Russia.

Comment: This promise of Mary is extraordinary, that we will return to a non-nuclear age.  Yet, her other statement is certainly true.  If mankind stores up atomic weapons, they will inevitably be used.

Open Your Eyes to Russia

November 27, 2011


I open the doors to the future for all to see.  Some do not want to see because they must change their lives.  Others will not believe my words, thinking that they cannot be coming from the Mother of God.  Yet, the words are true.  They come because I love mankind and because the Father has asked me to be his Final Preacher.  Should not the Final Preacher use the clearest words, so easy to understand? Should that preacher not talk about the problems of the world and how the Father wants to help the human race?

Let us begin again as I continue to open the door on the future, so mankind is alerted and repents, turning away from all that is destructive.  Do not read these words from curiosity seeking to know what will happen in the future.  Read them with a religious spirit.  Ask “How can the messages help me? How can they bring me more faith and a persistent hope that will allow me to perdure? Let us begin.

The Evil Dismantled

By the grace of God, Alaska was purchased from Russia, otherwise that nation would have foothold in North America.  A few decades ago, Russia’s influence was at a peak until I began to dismantle it.

The popes made numerous dedications and whenever a dedication was made, I showed my response by great blessings.  Yet, my request for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart to be made by the pope in union with all the world’s bishops has not been made.  The evil has not been attacked as I directed, so it still resides in the heart of this country which is so expansive.

The Evil Returns

As a result, the evil has grown back; the Cold War confrontations are being resumed.  More important, the evils behind the scenes are multiplying.  All of this is clearly known by President Obama but is being hidden, as far as possible, from the American people.  A foolish treaty has been signed that is useless and restricts America.  Have not the American leaders learned by now? Treaties with Russia do not lead to peace.  Evil lurks in the hearts of those leaders and treaties are just instruments of their evil designs.

Coming Back Into Prominence

Now, the stage is set.  Russia is clawing its way back into prominence.  The goals are clear, the same goals they have always had – to destroy other nations and to co-op other nations by circumstances so that they become a world power.

Of itself, Russia does not have the resources to dominate the world, but if they entrap other nations (as they did with the Iron Curtain), then they can lift themselves to prominence.

The New Tactics

The situation is new.  An Iron Curtain will not work because there is too much communication.

But other systems can be used.  There can be a different binding and tying together.  What would connect nations? The answer is selfish interests that look to the destruction of other nations.  Evil has a great power to unite.  When evil interests are shared by nations that are looking to rise to power, then the bonds become very strong even though the nations themselves seem very different.  This is what is happening behind the scenes.  So, open your eyes to Russia.

Comment: On a few occasions, popes have made dedications and consecrations that have been followed by clear divine intervention.  Now, Russia is involved in Iran’s search for atomic weapons.  It has recently threatened military operations against the United States’ efforts to deploy a defense shield in Europe.  Other Russian cooperation with evil will be reported.

The Pope Must Proclaim a Year of Fatima

December 24, 2011


Let the warning go forth that the great turmoil is about to begin.  Until now, there have been skirmishes.  Satan has probed at the defenses, the obstacles to his plans.  He knows where to plan his attacks and the forces that he has for a gigantic breakthrough that he hopes will set the stage for his future conquests.  The greatness of this breakthrough cannot be overestimated.  It will give him a foothold into new territory that he does not yet command.

His eyes are on the whole world and no area is safe, even those countries far removed from the Middle East.

I say all of this so you can see that nothing is safe, even those areas which seem to be far distant.  Each area has its own problems.  These problems are doors which Satan uses to enter and gain a stronghold.  He then solidifies his position and plans his next move.

He is doing this in Mexico with the drug cartels.  His presence there is obvious.  There are all the signs: drugs, violence and money, deaths, tortures, intimidation and the breakdown of law enforcement.  This is what he always looks to – people whom he can use because they are buried in vices and welcome his assistance.

He will do the same in other areas of the world, finding selfish and vicious people whom he will teach how to organize to gain their evil goals.  Then evil becomes incarnate, takes on a form and grows.

“Where did this come from?” people ask.  I explain so clearly.  Evil takes different forms according to the evil intents in people’s hearts and according to the cultural setting.  Evil has many forms.  It is not the product of the culture but discovers what evil the culture is open to.

If the evil is worldwide, then the purging of hearts must also be worldwide.  Let the message be clear.  First, hearts must be purged, then the evil can be cast out.  How ready I am to bring about this worldwide purging but the heart of the world must be prepared.  That is why I want a Year of Fatima proclaimed by the Holy Father to prepare for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  Let him not delay!

Comment: Mary explains how evil takes on different forms as Satan uses people in different cultures.

New Vineyards and New Wine

October 19, 2012


I look for those whose hearts can expand and whose minds can be filled with new faith.  Events will take place that have never been seen before on the face of this earth.  They will not force anyone to believe nor will they capture their hearts without their own acceptance.

These great gifts will need to be explained so the full harvest of grapes comes forth and the vats of new wine overflow.  This is what I am searching for, workers in the vineyard, filled with new faith, who believe in a new harvest and new wineskins.

Behold, I will make all things new for all who can be filled with new faith.


I will speak.  My tongue will not be silent.  God’s favors are too great and are offered to all.  The heavens are filled with God’s favors which are about to be released.  First, there will be the darkness, the time of seeming hopelessness.  Then, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and all the graces of Fatima will be released, as if someone had cut a cord that restrained the flow.

How I await that moment when the consecration will finally be accomplished and the new era of my Immaculate Heart will begin.  This is what Jesus and I am preparing you for by our words.  We are not speaking of some far away gifts, or what is not known to you.  We speak of what is close, familiar and at hand.

Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart

November 21, 2012


I say “Turn back” but my voice is drowned out by a thousand other voices that cry out “Go ahead”, even though mankind is totally unaware of what lies ahead.  First, I will tell you what lies ahead.  Mankind continues to build weapons of destruction.  These weapons proliferate.  Attempts to limit them are inevitably compromised.  No one is in charge.  Everyone lives for their own self-interest.  So, the causes of multiplication are everywhere.  No one can lead mankind down a path of peace, where these weapons are destroyed forever.  That is precisely the gift that the heavenly Father has placed in the heart of my mother, but this gift of Fatima is not opened, even by my church.

So, I call upon my Church to open the Fatima gift as quickly as possible.  Consecrate Russia to my mother’s Immaculate Heart.  When this is done, the power and light of Fatima will be released upon a world steeped in darkness and on the verge of nuclear disaster.  When this consecration is fulfilled, I will raise my voice in powerful ways to call the whole world to unimaginable conversion.  Peace will come, just as my mother has promised.


All is not hopeless.  The heavenly Father has provided the needed help for these ages of darkness.  Even the greatest darkness, the darkness of midnight itself can be turned into the light of the noonday sun.  Does this not happen every day of the year? Is there not a midnight followed twelve hours later by the noontime? This can also happen in the day of history.  I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  If mankind would just invoke me, I would change the night into day.

The Importance of Fatima

December 22, 2012


I come now to the final words, words that must be spoken.  The time ahead will be filled with difficulties that have not been seen until now.  These difficulties will have a center, but their effects will go forth everywhere, unable to be contained and not limited by national borders.

Efforts to limit them or to restrict their effects will have little or no effect.  All of mankind will be puzzled by problems that seemingly have no solution.  What lies further on, as these problems grow, I will not try to describe now.  However, I do say this.  These problems come from the Evil One and have no human solutions.  They will give way only when the Virgin Mother is invoked as Our Lady of Fatima.  She is the heavenly Father’s response.


No one will take from me what the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart.  In my heart is the victory, the triumph over the Evil One.  Many have searched for this in other places and refuse to accept what I said so clearly at Fatima, “My Immaculate Heart will triumph”.  The victory lies in one place.  This power of victory still remains there.  It will not be moved.  It will not be given to another devotion.  It cannot be stolen because the Father has decided to gain the victory in this way.  Everything else is fruitless.  Only the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart will turn the tide and begin the triumph.  How many more times do I need to explain and to exhort? The heavenly Father will not change his plan to accommodate human thinking.  The word is so definite that no one can mistake their meaning.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

December 31, 2013


All the world must know what powers God has placed in my heart because mankind has the power to destroy the earth and all of human civilization.  Satan envies these weapons of mass destruction.  He covets them.  He wants them placed in the hands of those whom he controls.  This is his plan and, each year, he comes so much closer to gaining this goal.  As soon as it happens, he will waste no time.  How many hearts share his evil and would delight in destroying the whole world!

This is a serious message which I held back until this final day of the year.  No progress to peace has been made.  Look around.  All is in turmoil.  Civil wars rage within nations.  They are contained for now, but destined to flow out to neighboring countries.  This is not the final step.  Only when one nation begins to war against another, will the final stage begin and the great weapons will be brought forth.

Can no one see the inevitability of this path? Where does any solution lie? This is my great revelation, my final message of the year.  The heavenly Father has placed all of his powers for world peace in my Immaculate Heart.  Search for peace elsewhere and you will not find it.

Search in my heart, and all the gifts will pour out.

Another year has passed.  Russia is still not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  Only a few years exist before all that I have explained will begin.

Comment: On July 13, 1917, Our Lady told the three children of Fatima that, at some point, she would ask that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.  This was the path to world peace.  In an extraordinary vision and revelation on June 13, 1929, Our Lord and Our Lady told Lucy that this was the moment to have the Holy Father make this consecration, in union with all the bishops.  As of December 2013, the consecration of Russia was not made.

The Cardinal Messenger

February 12, 2013


Men will not oppose my will nor will I allow the Evil One to enter, although his deepest desires are to seat the Pope of his choice.  I will quickly narrow the field and allow the cardinals to focus on the smallest possible number, even though many could be considered fit applicants.  They will debate these names in a spirit of openness (even though behind the scenes different movements arise).  Then suddenly, my messenger (a cardinal) will come to the temple, he whom I have sent.  He will bring new light that is from me.  He will raise new questions.  He will ask, “What about Fatima?  What about Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia?  Should not this also be a question?  Why do we speak of human issues only, when this question is so urgent?”  All will pause.  Until then, no one had raised a voice.  The important question was off the table but this messenger will raise it clearly.


The Pope of the Promise

I hold him in my heart.  I have always held him in my heart.  Now, I am about to show him to the whole world.  I will place him on the chair of Peter.  He has always been the child of the promise.  When he was set aside, he held onto the promise.  When he was overlooked, he held on to the promise.  When he entered into the greatest darkness, he held on to the promise.  He knows only one thing – the promise that I placed in his heart decades ago, a promise he has never rejected, even when all seemed lost.  Now, he waits in the wings, knowing that his name will be chosen.  When he comes forth, all will say “Mary, the mother of God, has chosen him”.

A Pope With A Burning Heart

March 2, 2013


When all begins to become clear to the cardinals, they will see the greatness of their call and the overwhelming responsibility that has fallen to them.  They will see the state of the world, so ready to rip apart at the seams.  They will see a Church, bringing in a full harvest in some continents and having little to show in others.  They will see the Muslim threat, ever growing and always menacing.

Yet, they will see more.  They will see my Sacred Heart, filled with love yet so many times rejected, even by my Church.  Into my heart they must enter.  Only there will they see and understand.  No one should sit upon the Chair of Peter unless he is close to my heart.  I have not called an intellectual.  I have not called a charming personality.  I want one kind of pope – a pope whose heart burns with mine, whose wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and whose papacy will follow my direction.  Anyone else is not acceptable at this moment in the history of the world and the Church.


I will speak clearly.  The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart.  Do not give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  Let him not be vague on this issue.  It is already late, very late.  This must be his primary goal.  Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago.  I will reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in their hearts.  If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them.  I will act through those who are my closest friends.

I have foreseen this conclave.  I have inspired Pope Benedict concerning those whom he selected as cardinals.  I have many cardinals who cherish the consecration of Russia.  Some do this more openly than others.  This issue is not to be set aside.  If those who lead the conclave want to put it under the table, then I will raise up those who will put it back on the table.

Consecrating Russia must be the pope’s first dream, not his afterthought or something that he might get to.

The Real Issues

March 14, 2013


The votes have been cast.  The pope has been chosen.  “What will be the new direction?” everyone asks.  That is not the question, nor do the answers to that question have great significance.

It is not the direction that the Church takes, but the impact the Church makes upon the world that truly matters.  Too much is made of internal policies and decisions.  The real question is whether the Church is a light to the world? Can the Church’s light dispel the darkness and can the Church’s voice again be heard in the market place? So much needs to change and the task is so daunting.


Time and again I come back to this point of the consecration of Russia.  I wait for it and I will continue to wait.  When it is done, I will pour out my gifts.  Before it is done, the gifts cannot be released.  What is withheld cannot be delayed for long.  The Holy Father must move ahead.  When it is accomplished, the blessings of heaven that are still in my heart will pour out, first in the hearts of the Russian people and then all over the world.

A World Without Sunlight

May 6, 2013


Let me bring these words to a conclusion.  When people build a wall, close a door or cover over a window, then the sun cannot shine into that house.  So, when people exclude me and push me aside, they are building walls, closing doors and covering the windows of their soul.

Without the sunlight, inevitably the germs multiply and soon sickness enters.  The air grows stale and no one is refreshed.

I speak these words so that all obstacles are removed and my light can shine.  If people would only call on me, I would come.  My heart is broken and, from this deep sorrow, I speak.

The illnesses of the modern world will continue to multiply until the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart takes place.  Then, the wall will come down, the door will be opened, the window thrown open and my healing rays can begin to restore the world to health.  How I await that moment!

Preparing for the Consecration

July 1, 2013


Even the Church does not understand.  I must explain even more deeply the gift of placing Fatima on the lampstand.  This, of course, is a decision of the Holy Father but all the bishops and, all the Church with them, must be involved.  All must know of this moment and all must prepare in the greatest of faith.  Doubts and fears must be cast out.  This moment will have great results.

A special day must be chosen and all will agree that this is the perfect choice.  Of course, Satan will stir up the forces of nature all across the world.  However, this will be a sign.

The physical light of the sun casts out the darkness and the seas will be stilled.

Then, will come the great moment.  All the Church will have been praying fasting and expecting.

When the words of consecration are said, the gift will be sealed forever, totally protected because the whole Church has fully participated.  How I look forward to that day.

To Church Leaders

July 8, 2013


I raise my voice strongly to Church leaders – bishops, priests, deacons, religious, laity in key positions.  You must join me.  You cannot sit on the sidelines.  Your voices also must be raised.  Where your heart is, there also should be your voice.

You must encourage the Holy Father.  Let him know that you support him and want him to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  When he sees your overwhelming support, he will move much more quickly.  He, too, will see the urgency and the fruitfulness.  He will see that consecrating Russia will unite the Church, not divide it.

This, however, is not enough.  Is there not a part of the Church, no matter how small, in which you hold some role of authority? Consecrate that part to my Immaculate Heart.  Get your people to make their consecration.  I will see their holy desires and I will come.  I will make my presence known by signs and my power known by miracles.  These graces I pour out upon all who openly profess their devotion to me.

The Darkness of World Leaders

September 20, 2013


The greatest darkness is those who currently guide the world.  Look at the world leaders.  Is there even one who would lead the world according to heaven’s light? Begin with the Muslim brotherhood and the terrorist groups.  Will they lead the world to peace? Look at Russia.  They are supplying arms to terrorist nations.  Look at the European leadership.  Their union has renounced its Christian foundations and thrown off heaven’s protection.  Look at America.  Can a nation that refuses to protect its unborn keep the whole world safe?

World leaders are the great darkness.  Centuries ago, there was a Christian West that allowed the pope’s voice to be heard.  Now, his voice is silenced, quoted only when it serves their purposes.

Do you not see my plan? I would exalt the papacy.  I would make it the greatest force in world peace.  The three Fatima children believed my words.  I promised them a sign and vindicated their faith by the dance of the sun.  Have I not promised the conversion of Russia followed by a great period of peace if the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? Is this consecration not to be done openly, in full faith for all the world to see? Would I then do nothing? I want to exalt the papacy, not make it a laughing stock.  Remember, I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I will act on the world stage but I wait to be asked.

The Church Must Repent

September 26, 2013


I must use a knife to pierce the heart of the Church.  No progress can take place until the sins against Fatima are purged.   I will strip the Church naked, the child of my womb born on Calvary?  I cannot just clothe her in the garments of Fatima.  First I must strip her of her evil clothing because she still clings to her evil.

When  I told Lucy that the time had come for the pope to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, she faithfully communicated this message.  It was ignored and another world war began, exactly as I had said.  Even then, Fatima was ignored.

With Pope Pius XII, doors were opened and devotion flourished.  However, those around the pope slowed the momentum of Fatima, and no consecration took place.

Then came the great year of the secret (1960) which all Catholics looked forward to.  A decision was made not to reveal the secret.  The year came and went.  The burial of Fatima had begun.  Fatima devotion was seen as a product from a past culture.

Now, the Church’s armies march forth but not under my banners.  I was “put in my place”.  “I integrated into the Church” was the phrase they used.  O Church, what has happened to your armies?  So many dead and wounded.  So many caught in the thickets.  Have these been glorious years for you?  O Church, you are not an army in battle array.  You are in disarray because you have refused the banner of Fatima.  These are your past sins.

Preach your message of repentance but preach it first to yourself.

The Two 1917 Fires

October 3, 2013


Everywhere you look fires of destruction burn brightly.  Although a fire of peace burns brightly in my heart, it does not go forth.  Soon, the Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart.  As always, I will respond with an outpouring of my blessings, but this consecration will not put out the fires.

Let me take you back to 1917.  Two fires were planted, the fire of love at Fatima and the fire of evil in Russia.  I warned that the Russian fire, planted there by her enemies, would spread its errors.  So it has been for nearly 100 years.  Russia is now aligned with terrorist nations in the Middle East, offering them all the help they need.  This is no conversion, no change of heart.  The evil fire planted in 1917 still burns.

Until that fire is extinguished and the fire of Fatima is planted in Russia, little will change.  The Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart and I will bless the world, but I want the consecration of Russia that I have asked for.

Mary’s Priest Son

December 17, 2013


I have spoken of the deep secrets of my heart but there is one secret that lies hidden.  My deepest secret concerns my priest son who was chosen from all eternity to place the Fatima light on the lampstand.

I have openly promised that someday Russia will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and a period of great peace will ensue.  Who will be the one who will do that? He is still hidden in my heart, protected by my greatest favors.

Only after some darkness has fallen on the earth will I bring him forth.  If I brought him forth in the light, he would be rejected.  When the darkness begins, the Church will be more ready to receive my light and my choice.

Know that I will use the beginning darkness for my purposes.  Because of the darkness, the Church will seek the Fatima light in all its fullness.  Only when the Church begins to ask, “Who can lead us to Fatima” will I bring my priest son out of the hiding of my heart.

Comment: Mary has promised that the Consecration would take place, even though it will be late.

Lucy’s Voice Now Silent

December 24, 2013


As I look at the world, what do I see? The final living witness, Lucy, has come to heaven.  Her voice no longer lifts up the Fatima gift.  Others strive to be heard but their voices are too weak to capture the heart of the Holy Father.  Many other concerns flood in upon him and no strong voice says, “The world needs Fatima”.

I cannot let this continue.  I cannot allow the consecration of Russia to be pushed further and further into the future.  So, I will begin to act decisively.  I must put in place all the events which will lead to this consecration.  These events will happen both in the world and in the Church.  The world events will convince many that no human powers can resolve the problems.  The Church events will also be a shaking.  I do not need more decisions and more actions, more plans and more proposals.  In the Church, I only need someone to listen to me and do what I want.  In the coming year, I will begin to raise him up.

Comment: Mary’s primary request is to consecrate Russia.  She promises to bring that about.  She, seemingly, is saying that this will not happen in 2014 but world and Church events in 2014 will be shaking.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

December 31, 2013


All the world must know what powers God has placed in my heart because mankind has the power to destroy the earth and all of human civilization.  Satan envies these weapons of mass destruction.  He covets them.  He wants them placed in the hands of those whom he controls.  This is his plan and, each year, he comes so much closer to gaining this goal.  As soon as it happens, he will waste no time.  How many hearts share his evil and would delight in destroying the whole world!

This is a serious message which I held back until this final day of the year.  No progress to peace has been made.  Look around.  All is in turmoil.  Civil wars rage within nations.  They are contained for now, but destined to flow out to neighboring countries.  This is not the final step.  Only when one nation begins to war against another, will the final stage begin and the great weapons will be brought forth.

Can no one see the inevitability of this path? Where does any solution lie? This is my great revelation, my final message of the year.  The heavenly Father has placed all of his powers for world peace in my Immaculate Heart.  Search for peace elsewhere and you will not find it.  Search in my heart, and all the gifts will pour out.

Another year has passed.  Russia is still not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  Only a few years exist before all that I have explained will begin.

Comment: On July 13, 1917, Our Lady told the three children of Fatima that, at some point, she would ask that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.  This was the path to world peace.  In an extraordinary vision and revelation on June 13, 1929, Our Lord and Our Lady told Lucy that this was the moment to have the Holy Father make this consecration, in union with all the bishops.  As of December 2013, the consecration of Russia was not made.

The Year 2014

January 1, 2014


The door opens, the New Year begins.  Who knows what the 12 months ahead hold in store for mankind? I will speak of the world that is hidden from view.

During this year, many forces will be released that will move mankind closer and closer to the darkness.  These forces are already in place.  The problems will not be new but their manifestations and powers will be greater, and, in some moments, very surprising to the whole world.

The shifting from light into darkness will accelerate.  Places that now claim stability will suffer violence.  The economic foundations will be shaken but will not yet collapse.  The turmoil will grow, yet 2014 is not the year of the great chastisements.

Although I bring a warning, I also bring hope.  There is still time.  However, until the great powers placed in my Immaculate Heart are released, the tide toward evil is inevitable.  The forces of darkness have the field all to themselves.

The consecration of Russia will not happen in 2014.  Even so, I will do all in my power to limit the darkness and to hold back the inevitable.  You, O reader, cherish my love for you and seek my blessings.  I do not hold these favors back from anyone who invokes me.

Comment: Mary’s description of 2014 is very clear.  Neither the chastisements nor the consecration of Russia will take place.

Hope For the Middle East

February 3, 2014


I must turn my eyes to the Middle East.  Dare I speak of hope for those forsaken countries where Satan has purposely destroyed every source of hope? The structures necessary for life have been demolished and the normal securities destroyed.  What is left? How will these nations ever rebuild? How can the people enjoy any level of normal human life? With every bullet fired, hope is killed again and again.

The solution does not lie in treaties which only paper over the truth.  The deep forces of Satan must be rebuked and cast out, just as Jesus confronted Satan at every meeting.  How will this happen? Only my pope, together with the whole Church, is able to bring about such a deliverance.  Only the Woman Clothed with the Sun holds in her hands the divine power to bring about peace in the Middle East.

This freedom from Satanic hatred and death is not the work of one day or of one year.  It will result only from a long series of events, mainly within the Church itself, that will bring about the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  Russia is the key to peace in the Middle East.

Comment: Mary wants hope to have power everywhere, even in the seemingly hopeless Middle East situation.

Waiting to Act

February 27, 2014


What is hidden must be revealed so that all eyes are opened to the realities of these times.

Otherwise, mankind, in his confusion, will have no response.  Let me begin.

For centuries, heaven has foreseen these years that lie immediately ahead.  The storm clouds began to gather when the goddess of reason was exalted during the French revolution.  Even then, the Father was ready to answer.

I began appearing in Paris to St.  Catherine and then at Lourdes to Bernadette.  The Father was taking the war to the very soil of France where the evil had begun.  The Age of Enlightenment was its name.  Truly, it was the beginning of the Age of Darkness, the stripping away of supernatural truths.

In the twentieth century, a greater evil was sown on the soil of Russia, which claimed millions of lives, spread its errors, and continues to this day as the source of turmoil.

The greatest of all evils is blindness to these forces, which are shaping today’s events and preparing for future events.  No one sees.  Not even the Church sees.  There is no awakening, no trumpet call.  No one is aware of how near are these future events.  When the problem was in France, I appeared in France.  When the problem was Russia, I spoke at Fatima about Russia.

No human solutions exist for these problems but I am waiting to act, to come upon the world scene and even to manifest my presence to the whole world.

I speak because I want every eye and every heart to turn to me and to invoke my help as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I want the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  I want all the bishops to support and participate in this consecration.  I want all the faithful to join wholeheartedly in a permanent consecration of their lives to me.  Nothing less is enough.

If I am to rescue the world, I need a total, complete, life-long consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  The hour is late.  This should have been accomplished decades ago.  Another decade of waiting will result in complete disaster.

Comment: Mary speaks of the destruction seen by all and of the solution, seen by very few.

A Totalitarian Russia

April 29, 2014


There is no time to waste.  The supposed walls of protection around the West are like paper in the presence of fire.  The destruction in the Ukraine will move much more quickly and decisively than anyone can imagine.  What has been set in place (supposedly dedicated to Western-style democracy) will crash and a totalitarian regime will be quickly established.

Right before the eyes of the West, Russia has suddenly become once again a totalitarian regime under the control of one person whom Satan has led to the top.

I have promised the conversion of Russia when that nation is consecrated to me.  Let all the world, not just the Church, know of my promise and what is still lacking.  If the Holy Father and all the bishops of the world in union with him would consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, I have promised that Russia would be converted and a great period of peace would follow.

There has been no such consecration and no conversion of Russia.  There has only been the removal of a wall and economic intertwining.  Satan still holds the country in his grasp.  He will continue to use Russia as his instrument, just as he did in the past century.

Comment:  Russia will grow as an evil force in Satan’s hands until the Holy Father fulfills Our Lady’s wishes.

Almost 100 Years Ago

August 11, 2014


With the gaping wounds in my heart come individual sorrows.  I see particular people whom I have called to high places in the Church, but they are ashamed of me and do not proclaim me to the world as they should.  My greatest sorrow comes from those who do not believe my promises and do not understand the truth I am trying to proclaim.  So, I will say it again.

From the very beginning, the heavenly Father foresaw a constant war between the Evil One and the Woman.  He promised that the Woman would defeat the Evil One and crush his head.  The heavenly Father foresaw this moment of human history and prepared a victory (even against these powerful forces) in my Immaculate Heart.  As these events began nearly 100 years ago, I announced my victory, openly and publicly for all the Church to hear.  My messages were increased and multiplied.  The more they multiplied, the more they were set aside,

But I will not be set aside.  The battle is far too serious and the victory is guaranteed if my Immaculate Heart is honored.  So, I will begin to pull down those who do not believe.  I will remove those who are obstacles to the consecration of Russia.  What am I to do, allow the annihilation of the Nations?

Comment: The 19th century saw Marian apparitions at Rue de Bac, Lourdes and many other places.  They led up to the great apparitions of Fatima in 1917.  This has been followed by Medjugorje and others.  The message about the Immaculate Heart has been constant.

When Russia Is Consecrated

August 14, 2014


When I speak, I want the whole world to hear my words.  So, I must raise up a special son who hears my words and proclaims my words to all mankind.  This will be a special time when my words pour out like a mighty ocean, flowing directly from my Immaculate Heart.

Only these words will save the world.  They will cast out the darkness, point out the failures of those who lead the world, encourage the good in all their efforts and, most important, reveal the paths to peace.

What a time that will be! By then, the war between myself and Satan will have broken out for all to see.  I will no longer be on the sidelines.  He, in his daring, will set aside his disguises and allow himself to be seen by all (what foolish pride).

The great battle will be played out in the sight of all, but with this difference.  My powers will no longer be restricted.  Russia will have been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, just in time for the victory that I have promised.

All my words and all my promises will become clear.  All the gifts that I have promised will flow forth, able to be received if the person’s heart so desires.  Not all will take advantage of my gifts but every person will be able to receive.  I will speak more about this consecration.

Comment: Our Lady has promised that Russia would be consecrated but that it would be late.

Waiting For the Consecration

August 16, 2014


Even though I speak as clearly as possible, it is only when all the events culminate, that the world will see what I have been trying to describe.  Present in the world today is the great evil planted in the soul of Russia in 1917 with the Communist Revolution.  This evil has gone out to the whole world, resulting in the horrible deaths of millions.  That evil continues, in a new but unabated form.  Russia fuels the revolutions and the unrests.  It arms many of the terrorists and does everything possible to destabilize the world.

In October 1917, at the little cove in Fatima, I planted the great seed of peace which was to come forth as the antidote to the Russian poison.  There was to be a great victory and an exultation of the Catholic Church which would provide such a great power.  None of this has happened because my request for the Consecration of Russia has not been fulfilled.

Now, I must speak of the future.  The Russian evil will continue to spread through all of its friends.  As these events culminate, Catholics will see before their eyes what I have been describing.  They will also remember that my words always carried a message of hope.  There was always time, always a way, because of the mystery of my Immaculate Heart.  So, the clamor will grow.  Prayers for the consecration will increase.  More important, I will hear these cries.  I will use the evil events themselves to open the door.  Finally, the Consecration will take place according to my request.

In all things, a timetable exists.  These are not fixed hours or days, but rather the goal that will be reached as the forces of good or evil are released.  The timetable depends on the free will of every single person.  When many hearts deeply desire and pray for the Consecration, the time of its fulfillment grows closer and comes sooner.  To pray and sacrifice for that moment is everyone’s task.

Comment: Both the great Fatima sign and the Russian revolution happened in 1917.  On July 13, 1917, Mary had revealed the need for the consecration of Russia and on June 13, 1929, Our Lord and Our Lady told Lucy that the time had come for the Holy Father to fulfill her request.  This has not happened.  So, evil spreads.  Our Lady prophesied that the Consecration would take place but that it would be late.  She has promised victory but needs our prayers and sacrifices.

A New Culture of Peace

August 17, 2014


After the Consecration of Russia, the beginning gift will be a conversion of hearts of those who control the nations.  New ideas of peace initiatives will surface.  World leaders will see that peace is in their self-interest.  They should have seen this earlier but were blinded by Satan.  Nations will move to true peace agreements, not the false pieces of paper they now call treaties.

The hearts of the people will move in the same directions.  The hunger for war and the use of weapons to gain natural interests will be seen as outmoded ideas, the products of the past, foolish concepts that have no life in this new thinking.

The wisdom of true peace that was set aside in the selfish pursuits will regain its rightful place.  Peace will be a constant, powerful light, set upon the lampstand.  Even those whose hearts are not touched will be forced to walk on this new path by the power of the new culture of peace.

Comment: The world has a spirit of war and self-interest.  The consecration of Russia will change individual hearts and create a new culture of peace.

The Stirring in Russian Hearts

August 17, 2014


When Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, there will be a stirring in the hearts of all, but especially in the souls of the Russian people.  They will receive an inner light and will understand what forces of evil were planted in their nation by Satan’s instruments.

As their hearts are stirred, more and more light will fill them.  They will reject both what has been forced upon them and what, to some degree, they themselves have chosen.  All of these evils have formed their nation and their leaders into instruments of darkness, death and destruction.  In this new stirring, they will fully reject what they have become and what they had been forced to accept.

This stirring will grow greater as it manifests itself in outward demonstrations of a growing desire to return to its religious roots and, especially, to return to their devotion of my Immaculate Heart.

No one will be able to stop this movement because their nation will have been specifically consecrated by the Holy Father and by all the Catholic bishops of the world.  I have put my seal of promise upon this act of Consecration, and the graces flowing from it will not be turned back.  Even though the most frightful opposition will arise, the stirring in the hearts of the Russian people for this new light will not be turned back.

Comment: Our Lady begins to sketch out the new Russia, formed by the special graces still hidden and locked in her Immaculate Heart.

The Overcoming of Separation

August 18, 2014


I will place such great gifts in the hearts of the Russian people that they will not be satisfied with superficial changes.  Instead, they will wipe away the divisions of the centuries.

They will realize that I have released an ocean of graces which have changed their darkness into light.  They will realize that they have been freed from the past century of diabolical control.  They will also know that this great gift has come through the consecration of Russia made by the Holy Father in communion with all the bishops in the world.

They will begin to question why they are separated from the Holy Father.  Would all of this darkness have fallen if there had been no division? They will cry out for unity with Rome.

This ocean will be so deep and so powerful that it will sweep away all opposition.  The Russian people will overturn the centuries of division that have been forced upon them.

That is why the Holy Father and all the bishops must make this Consecration in a public way and must specifically mention Russia.  The Russian people must know the source of the gift.

This is also why I wait and wait, even though the Holy Father delays.  I must have the Holy Father act in the name of the Catholic Church so the Russian people know that the Catholic Church has released this gift.  In this way, they will desire and bring about union with the Catholic Church.

I unfold these revelations so all the world, especially the Church, can see what I intend and why I ask what I do.

Comment: For the first 1000 years, there was only one, united Catholic Church.  In 1054, the Archbishop of Constantinople withdrew from this union with the pope.  Thus began the division into Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic Churches, the great schism that lasts even today.

Better To Wait

August 19, 2014


Before the consecration of Russia takes place, many events will happen that will change the earth.  Why do I wait? Why not act immediately? If these powers for the good of mankind lie in my heart, why not pour them forth now?

When seen from earth’s perspective, the ways of heaven are often difficult to understand.  Why did the human race lie in darkness for so many centuries before the Father sent his only begotten Son? Jesus came in “the fullness of time”, the earliest moment that the human race could receive.  Heaven waited because earth was unable to receive.

Before Jesus began his ministry, Israel needed John the Baptist to prepare the way.  Otherwise, Israel would not have been ready for the gift of Jesus.  Only heaven fully understands what must be done.  Earth gains only glimpses of the full reality.  By my words, I pull back this veil.  Yet, even when I reveal heaven’s secrets, who believes? Who accepts the messages? Who acts? Who responds?

I speak clearly.  Heaven has a plan.  That plan has been revealed.  Promises have been made that will be fully kept once the conditions are fulfilled.  Heaven does not change its plan just because earth does not accept it.  Why do I wait? Certainly, it would be much better if the Consecration of Russia had already been made and the gift released.  However, to release the gifts before the Holy Father and the bishops consecrate Russia would ruin the fruitfulness of the promises.  It is better to wait.

Comment: Heaven wants to bless earth but why pour out this water if the Church and the world will not be ready to receive?

Our Lady’s Hidden Actions

August 20, 2014


I speak, I act.  I lead those who would do my will.  I enter into every conversation.  I touch every heart in the world.  I act everywhere and every moment.  Yet, man remains free and this freedom is greatly limited by the darkness of his own selfishness and of his culture.

Violent forces have now been released, flowing from one heart to another.  Tremendous pressures exist.  Man is free but he is not free.  He is pulled and forced to go along.  He is intimidated.

He is not shown all of his options.  He is hurried and harassed.  Event follows event, cleverly leading him to countless decisions that allow no turning back.

I see a mankind subjected to powers that want his destruction, that cleverly force him to choose their path.  If he hesitates at all, new pressures are brought upon him.  I watch this happen in one place after another.  I see this same pattern in every area of man’s life.  The stranglehold is pulled tighter and tighter.

It is no longer a matter of mankind needing to respond to God’s grace because mankind has been robbed of his freedom.  Can a family live at peace when war is all around them? Can a person walk in light when all is midnight? Mankind has passed the point of no return.  Mankind cannot save itself.  Too many evil forces have been released.  They are now imbedded in human life.

Some are seen.  Others, especially the most powerful, are still hidden.  They have not yet come on the scene.  They lie in wait, looking for the appropriate moment.  This moment is different from any other moment in human history, filled with unimaginable and uncontrollable evils.

I wait, yet I refuse to wait.  Oh, I must wait until the Holy Father acts, but until then, I will act.  First, I must breathe upon the whole Catholic Church (whose teachings exalt me) and call forth fresh devotions to my Immaculate Heart.  I must stir the bishops.  They have a role in the Consecration of Russia.  They must raise their voices and speak out.  Finally, I will continue to prepare those who will actually make the Consecration.

In the middle of all the evils, in the face of all the delays, no one should lose heart.  I am actually bringing about what I have asked to be done.

Comment: This locution reveals the whole picture, a mankind plunging helplessly into darkness, the Consecration of Russia not yet made, but Our Lady, always filled with hope, promising that she is actively preparing for that day.

The Two Floods

November 12, 2014


Once the walls break down, who can stop the floods?  Who can even predict where the waters will go?  Do they not take on their own life, set free to flow anywhere?  Such will be the flow of events once the walls are pierced, the weak and tottering walls that many know cannot hold back the floods of events.

There will be many floods, all converging and aiding one another in their destructive paths.  The convergence is deliberate, the design of the Evil One who has plotted out this moment for centuries.

He believes that his plans are foolproof.  He has arranged the people whom he needs as leaders.  He has stirred up the hearts of millions who are ready to respond to his signal.  He has weakened all the resources that can be used against him.  He has led Western nations into financial debt.  He has weakened the resolve of millions by their sinful lifestyles.  He has slain millions of children in the wombs of their mothers.

Is this not a true picture?  Who will argue against me?  Who will defend the opposite positions?  Will not all of these forces continue?  Who will reverse the tide?  This is my surprise, the promise which flows from the deepest regions of my Immaculate Heart.

To Satan, his plans seem perfect, flawless and inevitable.  But even he knows that the Woman is his enemy and that she stands on the sidelines, still not invoked or invited to come full into the battle.

This is my promise.  As the events begin (and remember there will be a series of events) an opening will be created.  Voices will be raised.  “Why has Russia not been consecrated as Our Lady has asked?”  Other events, within the Church, will coincide.  Finally, the consecration of Russia will take place.  A surprising flood will be released.  There will then be two floods, good and evil, one destroying and the other saving.

Comment:  Our Lady describes the first flood which we can all see.  She promises a second flood of her blessings when Russia has been consecrated.

The Three Stages

November 24, 2014


I am taking the Church into my own hands, just as a mother lifts into her arms a child who is endangered.  I will do this in many ways.  First, new devotions must spread quickly so people become more attentive.  A fresh awareness must come over the Church, a widespread sense that all must return to my Immaculate Heart.

This will prepare for the next stage when the great difficulties begin, which I call “the events”.  People will begin to search.  For many with faith, this will be a religious search and the new awareness will lead them to search for me.

Finally, there is the third stage, when by the Holy Father’s consecration of Russia, I will come completely onto the world stage, offering to mankind the full gifts of my Immaculate Heart.

Then, the war will break out.  Until now, there have been only “surrenders”.  There has been no Army of Mary because I have been kept out of the limelight.  All of that will end.  I will come onto the scene.  All will see my actions in every part of the world.  Great new devotions will spring up and be embraced by millions.  It will be like a massive tsunami, but one that brings life not death.

My advice for now is, “Prepare”.  Take up once again the familiar devotions.  I will  impart to everyone a very simple trust in me and a new sense of my presence watching over each one.

Let us begin to walk this road of hope.

Comment:  Our Lady outlines the three stages – an awareness, events that lead us to turn to her and her interventions after Russia is consecrated.

One Hundred Years of Fatima

December 24, 2014


When the waters burst forth, who will tell them where to go?  They will have a mind of their own, going where Satan has plotted for so long.  They will be released at different times and different places.  Such will be the coming year of 2015.

I will plot out this year for you.  In the early months, new flood waters will break through.  There will be human responses that seemingly work for a time limiting the effects.  It is only in the latter months of the year that the great floods come and continue for the first half of 2016.

By July 2016, the world will see what has happened.  On July 13, 2016 will begin the one hundredth year of my speaking about the consecration of Russia.  How important will be that year, leading up to the one hundredth anniversary of my appearing at Fatima (2017).

As these flood waters rise, let the voice of Fatima grow louder in your ears.  What other voice should you listen to?

Comment:  To speak and not to be heeded for 100 years is being very patient.

No Consecration of Russia in 2015

December 31, 2014


The decisions are made.  The story of this year is written.  The book is closed, only to open quickly.  Time does not stop, not for a single moment, like an unending stream.  Mankind lives one moment at a time, able to see the past and experience the present, but incapable of seeing what lies ahead in 2015.

This year will be filled with wrong roads and terrible decisions, all because man’s heart is so separated from God’s will.  A rude awakening awaits.  Severe jolts of great warnings.  Who will heed the message?  Who will even know the message?  That is why I speak.  What good are chastisements unless accompanied by a message that shows the way to mercy?

The chastisements will come, inflicted by man himself, who holds great destructive powers in his grasp.  Some of these will be warning blasts which signal deeper troubles ahead.  In the long series of these events, there will always be my clear voice, showing the way.  During 2015, my voice will grow much stronger.  The urgency of my message will be seen.  However, Russia will not be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  Even so, as these events occur, a great stirring will begin in the Church which will prepare for Russia’s consecration in 2016.

Comment:  This locution must be read very carefully.  Our Lady says three things.  First, Russia will not be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart in 2015.  Second, events in 2015 will cause stirrings that the consecration take place.  Third, these stirrings will prepare for a consecration in 2016.  However, the consecration depends on human decisions and Our Lady does not say “it will take place”.  In 2016, the Church will be prepared for the consecration.

Heaven’s New Snowfall

January 24, 2015


My blessings are like snow falling on the ground, covering every part with a heavenly beauty.  Snow is a two-fold image – of heaven, because it falls from the sky and of blessings, because it covers everything in a strange beauty, pleasing to the eye.  No one can command the snow.  No one cay say to the snow “Come” and no one can command, “Stop”.  All is beyond man’s powers, even his most sophisticated inventions.

So it will be when I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift.  No power in heaven or earth will stop the blessings.  No one will be able to cover them over.  Just as everyone sees the snow falling, so all will see the heavenly blessings of Fatima.

Thousands witnessed the sun dancing in the sky, but millions will see the new snow of Fatima falling.  That is why the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be public, known to all the world and to the Church.

Let it be made with the greatest of faith, by everyone.  All must believe.  All must be taught the promises.  The whole Church, with one mind and heart, filled with the greatest hope in the midst of the great darkness, must turn to heaven.  After that, the snow will begin to fall and new hope will begin to live in people’s hearts.

Comment: Our Lady uses many images – fire, water, light, darkness.  However, this is the first time she has likened her actions to falling snow.

The Urgency of Fatima

February 23, 2015


There is seemingly no limit to the problems, as one connects with the other, and all are intertwined, as if brought about by some mind that is far above a human intellect.  All of this is true.  The problems, although planted in human hearts, have their true roots in the demonic intelligence who inspires everything, big and small, personal or collective.  All fits together and easily responds to human solutions, that only exacerbate the problems and multiply them.  Such is the force that now confronts mankind.

This power has always been operative, always destroying, killing, confusing and disturbing.  This moment, however, is the hour which Jesus spoke about so often.  The hour took place in Jerusalem and was seemingly Satan’s hour when he killed the Lord of Glory.

So, all the events will again lead up to Jerusalem, and another confrontation.  This time between Satan and the Holy Father.  In this hour, death again will result, the death of the Holy Father and many others.  The Fatima vision will be fulfilled.  This hour of seeming defeat will release the greatest blessings, just as did Jesus’ death.

What about the time until that hour? All the blessings for the world and the Church are contained in the Fatima gift.  In 1917, I foresaw the next hundred years.  I foresaw the two roads – the road of Fatima and the road without Fatima.  The Church has chosen to walk away from Fatima and to choose its own road.  How urgent to return.  The Fatima blessings do not wait until the Consecration of Russia.  Every Catholic must go to Fatima now – in their hearts, in their reading, and some should travel there.  The more the people go to Fatima, the quicker the consecration will take place.  All is urgency.

Comment: Learn the story of Fatima and live its messages.

All Look to the Church

April 1, 2015


What began as a small group of Jesus’ disciples has become a worldwide Church, headed by Pope Francis who is trying to lead the Church into deeper waters, engaging it with the problems of the average person.  His approach has won wide acclaim and he, himself, is seen as a prophetic figure upon the world stage.

He will continue to move along the same path.  His stature will spread and grow.  Many will learn the simplicity of his heart and will see the Church in a new light.

This is so important.  I must strip away all the prejudices and false ideas that have accrued.  I must have the world see the Church in a new light of its true simplicity, a return to the simplicity of Jesus’ lifestyle, a stripping away of worldly signs and symbols.

When Pope Francis has completed his tasks, when many have a new interest and a different view of the Church, I can then bring forth the pope of Fatima.  It will be late but the consecration will be done and the graces of my heart will be released.  No one will be able to stop this enormous flow of graces.

It will be late and many events will have taken place.  Many will have lost hope and some will have succumbed to the darkness.  The trials will have begun with their great difficulties.  The two parts will converge.  Pope Francis’ simplicity and the world events will cause everyone to look to the Church as their only hope.  For this moment, I have prepared my priest son.

Comment: Our Lady describes the importance of Pope Francis in getting the world to look to the Church for hope.

New World Leaders

April 14, 2015


Doubt and fears spread and many wonder what the future holds.  They do not understand the great mysteries that I now reveal.

Certain people have given their hearts to evil.  No one chooses evil directly.  They choose a selfish good that includes some evil.  Once they taste that good, they also accept the evil, which begins to claim their heart.  Success after success accompanies their decisions and soon they accept total evil, the power of Satan.  They do not understand his control because he has blinded them by their stunning success.  They have risen to the top, occupy a powerful positions and are acclaimed by many.  All the while, they strew evil everywhere, an evil wrapped in good paper.

Who can debate with them? Can they not point to all their successes? But these successes are built upon evil, just waiting for the moment of testing.  They appear to be sound but they are built upon sand which the floods will quickly wash away.

These are the modern mysteries.  During this century, Satan has raised up many false leaders, especially in the fields of economy and politics.  They have made sinful, evil and destructive decisions, while building empires that gained their acclaim, false empires that carry within the seeds of their own destruction.

Now, the floods will begin to come and the structures will not stand.  Let no one blame the heavenly Father.  It is man, influenced by Satan, who has put all of this in place.

Is it too late? I have promised that the road to peace lies only in my Immaculate Heart.  This road includes the economic and political areas.  It extends to every aspect, especially the family.  Let this message be preached.  It is late.  It is very late.  This road to my peace is not the journey of one day and it is not a path of ease.  However, if the whole Church commits itself completely to my Immaculate Heart, I will raise up world leaders formed by the Holy Spirit to take the world in a different direction.  Nothing else will be sufficient to withstand the floods.

Comment: Our Lady requires a total consecration if she is to save the world through new leaders.

The Great Call To Devotion

April 19, 2015


The time is short and the mysteries are many, so let us move quickly or else we will not reach the goal.

Many say that they follow me and indeed, they are of good will.  However, their hearts are not firm and their eyes frequently wander from the goal.  To these I speak mysteries so that, once they understand that the time is short, they will take their hearts away from worldly pursuits and give themselves to Jesus’ kingdom.

For these, especially, have I spoken about these mysteries.  My words are not for the curious seekers.  I speak for the devout souls and for those whom I can easily call to devotion.  So, let me bring these teachings to a conclusion

I have placed these mysteries before you and allowed you to see the forces which are shaping the world events.  Enlightened by this wisdom, you must reorder your daily life and all your priorities.  I did not speak so you could know the times and the seasons.  I spoke so you would look into your heart and remove what is superficial and what wastes your time.  I want you to cling to me with all your heart.  I want you to put away what absorbs you.  I call for a deeper response and a more extensive commitment.  Enlarge your tent.  Do not limit me.  Do not give me the crumbs.  For your own good, I want the whole loaf.

Are you ready for this total consecration? Are you willing to give yourself to me without reserve? Look at all these mysteries that I have just revealed.  Do you believe that life will just go on with little change? Do you think that your devotion is deep enough to withstand the coming floods?

I reveal all these mysteries only so that you will act.  My words are urgent.  I speak now before all the events break forth.  You must change.  You must deepen your religious practices.  You must heed my words.  Come, let us set out in a new direction.  I who invite you to walk, will also accompany your journey.

Comment: Our Lady ends this series on the mysteries with an urgent invitation for us to act on this revealed wisdom.

The Russian Darkness

June 7, 2015


Cannot light come down from heaven bursting forth suddenly in unexpected ways? Heaven is limited, powerless, unable to act.  Only in the mind of man who refuses to allow my words to reveal heaven’s light.

At Fatima (1917), I spoke of the great darkness of Russia, a darkness that was not yet perceived by the world.  How cruel, how powerful, how extensive became this darkness.  For a while, the darkness became a false angel of light.  Many even believed that the conversion of Russia had taken place.

Then, from its dark bowels, Putin arose, able to destroy the democratic structures and gather power to himself.  Now he sits, enthroned in power, a product of Satan’s darkness.  He holds a knife at Europe’s throat.  European leaders feel Russia’s threat.

Putin is not limited by structures.  He acts alone, in a fullness of power, weaving back and forth, like the judo fighter that he is.  The Russian threat cannot be ignored.  Large parts of Europe are endangered.  The West has neither the resolve nor the means to stop him.  The Ukraine is in great danger of collapsing.  Other nations will be threatened, the Russian evil will spread.  Putin sees his moment.  America is weak.  Terrorism grows.  Europe is divided, plagued by economic woes.

I proclaimed this at Fatima and nearly 100 years later, I must proclaim it again.  Russia is the great center of evil, spanning two continents and embracing many cultures.  Now, it marches forward, ready once again to find its place and spread its evils.

Only light from heaven can destroy this satanic darkness.  How foolish has the Church been to set aside my request for Russia’s consecration.  As the Russian evil marches forth, let my words ring out.  “Only the light of my Immaculate Heart can defeat and scatter the Russian darkness.

Comment: Putin’s rise has confirmed the great wisdom of Fatima which alerted the world to Russian evil.

Read True Devotion

July 12, 2015


I speak because the time is so near and my children must know how to walk the path to peace.

Human reason will choose different paths, but only in my Immaculate Heart will you find this divine path, prepared but hidden until now, revealed but not understood.  These words are so very important.

First, my words are not new.  A true mother speaks early.  She knows that children need time.  So it is with this path to peace.  I have already spoken for a long time to a long list of visionaries and locutionists.  My words are faithfully recorded.  These little locutions stand toward the end of a long line.  They do not claim to show a new path.  They merely add light to what has already been said.  I have spoken often of the consecration of Russia by the Holy Father and all the bishops.  This is the cornerstone.  But what good is a cornerstone without any building? This is where the faithful have failed.  They know very little about my promises, my first Saturdays, and my many requests.

If they had listened, their hearts would be so warm and their minds so filled with light, that they would already have received the blessings.  They and their families would be well along the path of peace.  They would have found others who I intended as companions for the long journey.

Come.  It is late and we must hurry.  Begin with St.  Louis de Montfort.  He was the prophet I raised up centuries ago to prepare for the Age of Mary.  Read his book and discover the special blessings of True Devotion.  This is the first step to peace.

Comment: Marian visions and locutions are not new.  In many ways, the book True Devotion prophesied this century.

For Study:

“Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” by St.  Louis de Montfort

The Iran Nuclear Treaty

July 15, 2015


I speak only with the greatest reluctance.  However, I cannot hold back my great sorrow.  The proliferation of nuclear weapons has been guaranteed by a treaty that opens the door to nuclear weapons.  World leaders cannot reverse what has taken place.  Russia has gained everything.  From this point on, America will decrease as a world power able to keep peace.  It has tied its own hands and armed its enemies.

New troubles will erupt.  Israel and its allies will begin a new journey unaccompanied by their familiar friend, America.  They must go it alone and make their own decisions.  The bonds between America and Israel have been severed.  The betrayal has taken place.  All of the promises, in place for so many years have been broken.  A new re-alignment of nations will come forth.  Self-defense will dictate much more explosive options.

America will no longer be making Israel’s decisions.  These vulnerable countries will decide for their own defense.  They will not hold back.  They will act quickly to survive.  They must take matters into their own hands and take steps to keep Iran in check.

The world is much more dangerous, but this is not surprising to those who have followed my words.  There are timetables set in place.  They move ahead or are held back according to human decisions.  This is my constant teaching.

Most important, how will I respond? What does this do to heaven’s plan? Do I just move along as usual? Not at all.  My eyes are always on Satan’s plan and this treaty is his bold move.  (Do not think otherwise.) So, I must move boldly, especially in my Church.  I must move up my timetable for the consecration of Russia.  (It is Russia that has brought about this treaty.)

2015 is not the year, but events will happen that will shake the Church and lessen the resistance to the Fatima consecration.

Comment: Our Lady’s words are clear – both about events in the world and in the Church.

The Effects of the Final Warning

September 8, 2015


I have opened my heart and spoken my words for all the world to know.  I have not held back nor have I softened the message.  This collapse, although not the end, is the final warning.  What do these words mean, “Final Warning”?

First, there will be no further warning, no more moments when the Heavenly Father keeps back the deluge.  Second, the decisions made after the collapse will be much more important than the decisions made before.  Do not bemoan what has happened.  Do not wail over the past.  A warning, especially the final warning, is a great gift.  A warning shows there is still hope, that action can be taken and that all is not lost.

When the collapse comes, many will believe that it is too late because too much has fallen apart.  A warning is just the opposite.  It says that there is still time.  God’s final warning also says that solutions exist.  In all the darkness, a path of light is available.  A door is able to be opened that leads to freedom.

The final warning will drive home a lesson that superficial and short-term solutions are lies.  A final warning touches every heart and people realize, “This is it.  We cannot postpone the radical commitment to God’s Word, to His Church, and to His plan”.

When that grace settles into the heart of a person and into the heart of the Church, the final warning has gained its purpose.  All are ready to receive the favors that I have been withholding until they could be received.  With the final warning and with the needed response to that warning, I can begin to release all the favors that I have had to withhold.

This final warning will hasten the moment of the consecration of Russia.  Do not blame the Holy Father for not making this consecration.  The whole Church is held liable.  After the consecration, I will release unimaginable gifts, blessings without end.  If the Consecration had taken place earlier (and indeed it should have been completed by now) the Church could not have received these favors because the people’s hearts were not ready.  The final warning will change all of that.

The Hour of the Woman at Cana

September 12, 2015 


I will reveal all my heart’s secrets so the whole world can clearly understand what is happening.  Each word will add a stone of faith until the whole building is completed.

At Cana of Galilee, this couple which had no more wine, are a symbol of Adam and Eve who lost divine life and could not pass it on to their children.  When I spoke with Jesus he called me “Woman”.  How important that title is.  He told me that this was not His hour.  However the couple had no wine and the saving action could not wait.  All of these mysteries, I will now explain.

The loss of wine is a symbol of Satan’s hour, depriving the human life of its joy.  If I were to sit idly by and allow these events to happen, the collapse would truly be his hour and would lead to many other events which he has already planned.  All of you must see this event with the eyes of faith.  The evil is certainly Satan’s hour but my words reveal that it is also the beginning of my hour.  All the mysteries that I have spoken about will begin.

When the wine runs out, when great grief comes upon so many, you must understand that this is the hour of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  Everything that I have waited and waited for will begin.  Contained in my hour will be the fullness of Fatima, the consecration of Russia and the fulfillment of the Fatima visions.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the heavenly Father responded by saying “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman” (Gen.3:15).  When you see these events know that you are witnessing the beginning of the hour of the Woman.

Comment: Cana was going to be a place of sorrow until the Woman intervened.

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