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Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1531

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe takes place in Central Mexico in 1531.  This was a major Apparition around the time of the Spanish Inquisition and involved the Aztecs, the Spaniards, and the native Indians.  One of the peasant native Indians, Juan Diego, who traveled by Tepeyac Hill daily is the one who witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe. Notice the detail in her dress and mantle.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Videos

The videos below, The Introduction to Our Lady of Guadalupe, covers in detail this remarkable subject. I found these a few years ago and have yet to find anything to match them in quality. These are definitely worth time that will have to be invested to watch them all. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The following is the spoken words of Our Lady of Guadalupe taken from Nican Mopohua, a 16th century historical account of the apparitions. These words are referred to by the speaker in Part II above.

First Encounter of Saturday

“Juanito, Juan Dieguito!”
“Listen my son, little one, Juanito, where are you going?”

Her her identity and intentions explained

Know for certain, my son, the smallest one, that I am the perfect and ever virgin holy Mary, mother of the true God, through whom one lives, the creator of mankind, the one who owns what is near and beyond, the owner of heaven and earth. 

I ardently desire that here they build me my sacred little house, a ‘Teocalli’, where I will show him, I will exalt him and make him manifest.  Where I will offer him to all the people with all my love, my compassionate gaze and my help, my salvation because I am truly your merciful mother,  Yours and mother of all who live united in this land, And of all mankind, of all those who love me, of those who cry to me, of those who search for be, of those who have confidence in me.

There I will listen to their cry, to their sadness, so as to curb all their different pains, their miseries and sorrow, to remedy and alleviate their sufferings. So to realize what my compassionate, merciful gaze intends, go to the palace of the bishop of Mexico and tell him that I sent you to make known to him what I deeply desire, that he provide me with a house, that he build my temple in the plain. You will tell him everything you have seen, admired, and heard. 

Be assured that I shall be very grateful and will reward you, I will enrich you and glorify you, And you will greatly merit that I repay your weariness, your service with which you will request this matter to which I send you. Now my son, my smallest one, you have heard my voice; go and do everything the best you can.”

First Meeting with the Bishop

“Listen, the smallest of my sons, be assured that those who serve me, my messengers, entrusted to carry my voice, my word, to accomplish my will, are not few in number: But it is very necessary that you personally go, request that my wish, my will, be realized, be carried out, through your intercession. I beg you earnestly, youngest son of mine, and solemnly do command you that once again tomorrow you go to see the bishop. From my part, let him know, let him hear my wish, my will, so that he will make, he will build the temple that I ask. So, once again, tell him that it is I personally, the ever virgin, holy Mary, the Mother of God who is sending you.”

Encounter of Sunday

“Well done my little son; you will return here tomorrow so that you may take the bishop the sign that he has asked for. With that he will believe you, and he will not doubt this any longer, nor distrust you.  Know, little son, that I will repay you for the trouble, the labor, and the weariness that I have caused you.  There now, go. For tomorrow I will wait for you here.”  

The Encounter of Tuesday

She Confronts Juan Diego

“What is it, smallest of my sons? Where are you going, where are you heading?”

“Listen and keep in your heart, my youngest son, that there is nothing for you to fear, nothing to afflict you. Let neither your face nor your heart be worried. Do not fear this nor any other illness, nor anything pounding nor afflicting. 

Am I not here, I who am your mother? Are you not in my shadow, under my protection? Am I not the fountain of your joy? Are you not in the fold of my mantle, in my crossed arms? Is there anything else you need?  Don’t let anything afflict you, perturb you. Let not the sickness of your uncle cause pain. He will not die of it now. Be assured that he is well.” 

Her request

“Climb, smallest of my sons, to the top of the little hill where you saw me and where I gave you my commands.  There you will see many flowers; cut them, pick them, gather them together, then come back here, bring then here to my presence.”

“My youngest little son, these various flowers are the proof, the sign that you will take to the bishop. You will tell him in my name to see in them my wish, and because of them he can fulfill my wish, my will. Juan, you who are my messenger, in you is placed absolutely all my confidence.  I order you most severely that only in the presence of the bishop, when you are alone with him, are you to open your ayate and show him what you bring.  You will tell him everything exactly. You will tell him that I ordered you to climb to the top of the little hill to cut flowers.  Tell him everything you saw and admired.  Thus, you will be able to convince the governing priest that he should do everything in his power to make, to build my temple, which I have asked for.”

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Painting of Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Inauguration of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Manuel Arellano - c. 1709
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