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Four Clear Points

October 1, 2011


What do I ask of you who read these words? I ask that you move forward, that you see these words as a true light by which you can walk. When I light a path, I invite you to walk upon it. Otherwise the light is of no avail.

You cannot stay where you are. You must move ahead into safer ground, to a higher level, so when the problems come, you will have already been lifted above them. This is a clear image for acting now. Some will hear these words, but will delay. Then they will forget them altogether. What good then are these words? They have fallen on deaf ears. So, let us begin.

All with eyes are able to see but they do not grasp the cause of the problems, the extent of the problems, the closeness of the problems, nor the way to escape the problems.

Let me speak of all of those. First, the cause of man’s problems is his withdrawal from the heavenly Father and the giving of himself to totally secular goals. Because of this, the safety factors that any father would place for his children have been removed. Like a child who wanders into dangerous territory, the human race has walked into a perilous state.

Second, the extent of the problems is enormous. What part of creation is still safe? Only those parts which have remained under the heavenly Father’s protection. In these groups and in these places, the safety factors are still in place. These children have not wandered into perilous fields? What are these safety factors? How does a father protect his children? The safety factors are the Ten Commandments. A father protects his children by his words and he sees that they obey his words.

Third, a child can wander and disobey the father. Sometimes, they escape unharmed and nothing happens. However, if this goes on too long and if they wander farther and farther, the chances of total ruin grow greater. This is the current state of the world.

Fourth, how to escape? The answer is obvious. Stop wandering from the heavenly Father. That is the only choice to escape total destruction.

Comment: The four points are extremely clear.

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