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The Meaning of Consecration

the meaning of consecration
The Virgin of the Navigators - Alejo Fernandez - 1531

What the meaning of consecration is and how consecration pertains to the Virgin Mary and our daily spiritual walk.

What is the meaning of consecration?

Consecration has two definitions. 

One definition of consecration means to set apart for a sacred purpose Another definition of consecration is to give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause.  The literal meaning of the word consecration “is association with the sacred.”

If you combine these two into one definition, you can develop the meaning  of consecration as it pertains to our purposes here. 

The complete meaning, therefore will be, to set apart for a sacred purpose, to a specific activity, person, or cause.

Consecration of Things

Things can be consecrated and be set apart for a specific purpose.  A building, like a church, can be consecrated, and often times, churches are.  The chalice that contains the wine during Mass is consecrated before it’s usage in the service.  The same is true for the paten, which is the plate that contains the bread during the Eucharistic service.  When things are consecrated they are used for a sacred purpose.  They do not have a sacred purpose.

Consecration of Things - Chalice
Chalice used to serve the Blood in the Eucharist
Consecration of Things - Paten
Paten used to serve the Body in the Eucharist
Consecration of People

People can also be consecrated or set apart for a specific sacred purpose.  In the catholic church, upon installing a new bishop, he must be consecrated.  The consecration is accomplished with two other bishops present whose duty is consecrating the newly installed bishop.

Consecration of People
The Consecration of Deodat - Claude Bosset - 1620
Consecration of One's Self

A person can set himself or herself apart for a sacred purpose to a specific person.  This is a willful and deliberate act that is permanent if one is consecrating himself to the Virgin Mary, which is what this article addresses.   When you take it upon yourself to consecrate yourself to the Blessed Mother, you then become the sacred purpose of hers, so to speak.  

Does that mean you are going to conquer the world on her behalf?  No it does not.

But it does mean,  as Louis de Montfort said, “you are her property.”  That means you belong to her.  If that language of becoming her property scares you, I am here to tell you the doors will swing wide open for you.

Consecration means a lifestyle change

When one consecrates himself, he initiates a lifestyle change.  If you do this, you are in essence saying “I am turning my life over to you.  Do as you please with me”.  If this summons thoughts of losing control for you, you  have not thought this through very well.  You can not lose something you really do not have.

I had a widow maker on a golf course in 2017.  I went out like a light and woke three days later.  At that point, I realized I had no control over my life.  The only control I had was sorry bill of goods someone sold me earlier, and I actually believed it.  I believed I had something that I did not have.  

In my case, lifestyle change meant no more booze and smokes.  Prayer and church attendance became my order of the day.  Rosary at 05:30 am and I was so happy.  She put my life in order, completely, and the order is her order, not mine.  Everything she has done to me has simply had an amazing effect. 

People do not understand how good the Virgin Mary is to her own.  I have accomplished more than I could ever dream in four years and I am doing things that were not even close to being on my radar. 

Consecration means Devotion

Consecration means devotion.  It means rosaries.  It means confession if you are catholic (I wasn’t when I consecrated myself to her).  Consecration means fasting maybe.  Scripture study. 

Devotion was the easy part for me because I wanted to belong to her.  Cooperation was not an option for me.

Consecration means setting yourself aside for her

Why set yourself aside for the Virgin Mary?  It is simple.  She can not help you if you do not ask her for her help and she can not help if you do not allow her to.  You have to give her permission or else it is an intrusion and she will not do that.

Setting yourself aside electively means building trust in her.  It is an exercise in trust building.  After all, if you can’t trust your momma, who can you trust?

If you will take this step, you will find out how trustworthy she is.

Making the Decision

If you are in the process of making this decision or already have, then you should be very pleased with the direction your life is headed.  What your decision is in essence saying, is that Our Lady is important to you; enough that you desire to be hers.  Although not completely exclusive to her, but she will become a large part of your life.  That is a very big deal.

“Consecration to Mary is consecration to the “perfect means” (Montfort) which Jesus chose to unite himself with us and vice versa. Consecration to Mary heightens the depth and truth of our commitment to Christ.  We offer ourselves to this divine consecration through Mary, for she points the way to the heart of Jesus.”

What is Consecration to Mary - Militia of the Immaculata
You Cannot Love someone you do not know.
You Cannot totally give yourself to Someone you do not Love.

It is strongly recommended to view the page Consecration at Mother of All Peoples

Immaculate Heart of Mary Symbol of Heart Laced with Roses Pierced With Sword

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