Two Percent Survival
Two Percent Survival
Two Percent Survival

To the Children

February 10, 2013


Finally, I speak to the group that is closest to my heart, the children, the innocent ones. The children are always the future. Even though they know it not, they alone carry the seeds of the future generation. They have been cheated. The heavenly bread of religious teaching has been taken away. The children know only the secular religion, that insipid wine that destroys their thinking. They march into a darkness created by those who have stripped America of its religious roots. They find no answers to the important questions and their hearts are not trained in devotion.

I look at the children of America and I find a blankness in their stares and confusion in their minds. So, I ask, “Who will help the children? Who will speak for them? Who will stop the nonsense that parades itself as wisdom? Who will reclaim the culture for me and for the children?” To those who undertake this task, I will give a thousand helps. Do not fear your secular foes. I will give you weapons that no one can resist. This is a war that I want fought day and night – a war for the hearts and minds of the children.


To Those Who Lead Children Astray

I must speak even stronger words. Woe to those persons who lead the children astray. Woe to those governments who set aside religious teaching. Woe to those who feel the children are dispensable tools in the hands of those who manipulate them. Who told you to teach them what violates God’s law? Who allowed you to set aside God’s commandments? Who permitted you to remove God’s word? These are the questions.

I hold everyone responsible for the children. I accuse governments, and schools, and those who control the media. I accuse parents who neglect their children’s religious education. Everyone is to blame. Look at your children. They do not know right from wrong. They do not learn the ten commandments. They see before their eyes every kind of violation of God’s law. Everybody is responsible for the children. Blessed are those who rise up and say, “We must save the children”. They must work day and night because the forces of darkness have already claimed many.

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