Our Lady’s Powers

(September 19 to September 24, 2015)

The Beginning Flashpoint

September 19, 2015


Every collapse begins with a flashpoint which cannot be known ahead of time. Surprising factors converge. The pressure is too much and the breakthrough happens. Afterwards, the reasons for the event are clearly seen.

Now, I must speak,even though my words are accompanied with great sorrow. The structures are so weak, vulnerable in many places. These structures are overburdened with a staggering debt which constantly saps the vigor and daily weakens the economy.
So, what I am speaking about is no surprise. It will not come from above (from heaven) but from below (from earth). It will not destroy everything. It is a warning, not the final destruction.

It is a beginning event and in the years that follow, many more such events are planned by Satan. They are meant to follow one another. These events are evils of every kind – wars, attacks, collapses, civil strife – things which are already taking place before your eyes.

This present flashpoint is meant to be the door which I use to enter the world stage and begin to take my place. Again, I say “begin”, because I will come step by step. The Church must welcome me. Catholics must find new hope in me. All the world must begin to believe that I am the Woman who holds all of history in my heart.

This is the beginning, not the end, a special beginning. Humankind will be given a final opportunity to accept heaven’s gifts.

Comment: Our Lady stresses three main points. This flashpoint comes from below (weakened structures). It is the beginning. Mankind still has a chance to choose heaven.

Mary’s Embrace of Humankind

September 20, 2015


It is not good to delay any more. Constantly the timetable has been pushed back. The reckoning has been delayed by the clever scheming of those who do not want the truth to come to light.

This has only multiplied the problems and complicated the solutions.
It is best for the dam to break now rather than later. The greater the delay, the greater the harm. So, it must happen now while there is still time because the economy is not the only ill facing mankind.

Why allow the world to go along its merry way, constantly multiplying its debts, when it faces enemies on many sides? The world must be awakened, jolted and made ready to hear my voice.

Hearing my voice, awakening to my presence, realizing my closeness and accepting my help are the good effects. These can no longer be postponed. The world is safe only in my arms. I would embrace humankind, every single person, every group and every nation.

The Catholic Church retains a deep stream of devotion. Many saints have exalted me. My apparitions have awakened many and fostered this devotion. Yet, all of this is woefully inadequate.

I want to fully release my powers upon the Church and the world. I want to assume the role which the heavenly Father has given to me. As yet, only a few have had small glimpses of my power and even fewer understand my full prerogatives.

The breakthrough can no longer be delayed. Too much time has been lost. I must come in a fullness never seen or experienced before.

Comment: Our Lady points out two realities, the many problems faced by humankind and the great powers that have not yet come forth.

Revealing Our Lady’s Hidden Powers

September 22, 2015


The powers hidden in my heart are about to explode upon the Church because the Church has always held me in its heart. This is where I must begin because the world would not understand my actions. As the Church receives, accepts and cherishes my powers, they will also become visible to the world. Both the Church and the world will be taken up into my heart where all will be safe. I say this because no other safe place will exist. My heart will be the only refuge for all.

In the fullness of time, God sent Jesus “born of a woman, born under the law” (Galatians 4:4). I received Jesus into my heart and He made it a safe dwelling for the whole world. This is the mystery whose time has come, the saving power of God manifested fully, prepared for by all of my apparitions, explained by all of the messages of Fatima, and now, about to become a great reality.

I have given the key to this mystery to my priest son and have explained to him so many of its details. He will unlock the door, so all will have access. No longer will the mystery be hidden or obscure. It will come into the fullness of the noonday sun. All will see. All will be invited,time and again. Access will be unlimited because the mystery will be placed on the lampstand.

The light of Jesus will shine forth from the place where it was first enkindled by the overwhelming fire of the Holy Spirit – in my Immaculate Heart. All will return to the original mystery when I said “Let it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38) and “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (Jn. 1:14).

Comment: We have not seen the full powers contained in Our Lady’s heart because they have not yet been fully manifested.

The Church, the World, and the Woman

September 22, 2015


All the preparations are complete. Today Pope Francis arrives in America. What shall I say of this historic visit? On the surface, will be all the events, the parades, and his words, given with great sincerity.

At a much deeper level, there will be a trembling which few can understand. A war begins, heaven and hell locked in mortal combat, a shifting, a tremendous shifting which is so important for the future of the Church and the world.

I always link the two, Church and world. Both exist in time, side by side, moving through human history. They affect one another. They do battle, even though they are meant to help each other. Oh, all the stories I could bring forth of this relationship between the Church and the world.

There are two levels to the papal visit. On one level, the world will welcome him with open arms, listen to his words and applaud his efforts. He will be acclaimed and will gain access to the most powerful bodies in the world. This will be what is reported.

I, however, must speak of a much deeper level, what faith reveals. I will use this papal visit for my moment to declare that I am the Woman into whose hands both the Church and the world have been entrusted. I will do this through all the events, both of the Church and of the world, which will happen during the papal visit. After these signs have been given, I will explain their meanings.

Comment: During this papal event, the Church and the world will be united in a unique way. Our Lady will use this week for her purposes.

Whose Moment Is This?

September 23, 2015


The time is opportune. All eyes are fixed upon Pope Francis. Other concerns are set aside for this moment. This is my moment. As the forces of evil crash in upon the world events, all will see what my words have described.These events come from hell’s infernal powers and from fires that mankind has allowed to burn freely. Years ago, I spoke of the fires of Syria, that they would not be extinguished and would overflow, totally disrupting the Middle East. All of this has taken place.

Now, I return to the other infernal fire, burning strongly beneath the surface, the infernal fire of economic weaknesses that have proliferated. This, too, waits only for Satan’s pernicious moment, when he turns the world’s attention to himself and to his plans of destruction.
This is too tempting for Satan. He, foolishly, moves up his timetable, when really he should wait a while longer. He will not allow Pope Francis to have the world stage all to himself. Satan will want to crash the party, reveal his powers and announce his presence.

O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is using you to bring about His plan. This only seems to be your moment, when really this is my moment. I need say no more.

Comment: God constantly uses Satan’s moments for His plan. This happened at Jesus’ death and happens often in Church history. Concerning Syria, locutions were give on February 12, 2012, August 23, 26, 27, 2013 and September 2, 4 and 6, 2013.

A New Spring in the Desert

September 24, 2015


Will I be silent now? Should I put away this little instrument that has helped so many? Shall I set it aside, as if I can discard what is so close to my heart? Troubles and problems, wars and uprising, blessings and favors –about all of these I have spoken for so many years until many have come to listen with believing hearts.

No, I will not be silent. Instead, my voice shall pierce heaven’s secrets and the thoughts of my heart, held back until now, will begin to flow.
Come, a new era is beginning. I am about to bring forth a moment which I have always promised. A spring will rise in the desert from a little known place, (like a new Bethlehem). This gift is about to unfold, quickly, by surprising events within the Church.

There will be two series of events, one series in the world and the other in the Church. The first will lead to the second. A new openness will fill the Church. From now on, heaven itself will control the Church. The Church will set aside any worldly thinking, any compromise with worldly methods (even those that seemingly advance the gospel). The Church will walk only on heaven’s road because no other road will lead to my Immaculate Heart. In this heart, I hold the whole world with all its history, the whole Church, with all its saints and the King of Kings Himself. Let me open this door, today. Once I have opened the door, no one will close it.

Comment: As the great problems sweep over the world, Our Lady speaks of a new role of heaven in the Church.

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