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Locutions to the World
Woman Clothed with the Sun

Woman Clothed with the Sun
Woman of the Apocolypse - Herrad of Landsberg - 12th Century 2

On December 10, 2010, a Pennsylvanian soul began receiving heavenly messages from Jesus Christ and The Blessed Virgin Mary under the guidance of John Esseff, a priest who was the soul’s spiritual director at the time.

John Esseff, a diocesan priest from Scranton, PA was ordained in 1953 and had acquired an impressive list of spiritual qualifications prior to 2010.

His spiritual director was Padre Pio early on, and John Esseff was also the spiritual director to Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The messages were called Locutions to the World and had an internet website name of In 2015, the website shutdown, was suspended and then abruptly disappeared.

There is a priest I know from South Carolina, that after having encounters with the Virgin Mary myself, I began to visit every so often in order to discuss what was going on in my spiritual life. He told me, having met the gentleman Esseff, that he had died although he never said what the reason was for the website shutdown. I have since had contact with John Esseff’s his sister, who worked for Mother Teresa for 10 years, and I understand he is still alive.

Every message below contains the phrase “woman clothed with the sun”

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    An Unswerving Will

    September 10, 2011


    Why do I speak and why do I ask you to record my words?  Because my words offer life and an opportunity for those who listen to them and act upon them to be saved.

    O Reader, do not just read these messages from curiosity, to discern the future events.   If you read them with your heart, they will be like a seed planted within you that offers new life.   Let us begin.

    The Woman

    I was conceived by the heavenly Father as the Woman clothed with the sun.   This was his goal and why he poured out such precious graces into my soul from the very beginning.   I was to belong to him as no other human person, totally his.   Yes, from the very beginning, I was his.

    There was a path which I was to walk, a clear path, always doing his will.   Amid all the possible decisions in every single moment, I saw his will and I chose his will, like a compass which always points to the north.

    Unswerving Will

    My life was filled with sorrows, yet I never swerved.   Whatever the heavenly Father wanted, I wanted.   What he did not want, I did not want.   My free will never swerved.   Yet, it remained free because that alone gave glory to God.   My will never swerved because he surrounded me with so many graces.   These same graces are stored in my Immaculate Heart.   They were placed there by the Father and since I always accepted every grace, absolutely none was lost.

    I stored them up for you and I am ready to pour them out on whomever asks for them.   They have only one purpose – to unite your will to the Father’s will, just as my will was so united.

    This is the greatest gift.   It will last forever.   In heaven, the will of every angel and every saint is perfectly in tune with the divine will.   By pouring out these graces, I give you two gifts.   On earth, you will fulfill your call, the reason God created you.   In heaven, you will be perfectly united to God, to me, to all the angels and saints.

    Let me teach you a simple prayer that will be so effective because it seeks these graces.

    O Mary, in your Immaculate Heart, are stored up all the graces of divine union.   If you place these in my heart, I will always do God’s will.  Amen.

    Comment:  Each person would like many blessings from Mary.   Her greatest gift is to have a free will like hers, always united with God’s will.

    The Spirit Comes Upon the Virgin

    September 11, 2011


    I gather your heart into my heart and there I reveal my secrets so all the world can understand.   Nothing will be hidden from you so you can reveal all to the world.

    When a person begins to be touched by these words, they will hunger for more.   Then they, too, will be on the same path into my heart.   I want the whole world to come into my heart.   Only there, will all be safe.   Facing the world are years ahead of destruction and disruption of normal life.   All the world will be affected.   Some parts will directly experience the destruction.   Other parts will experience disruption.   Normal life, so to speak, will not exist.   It will be a time unknown to the human race, of which the destruction of the twin towers is an image and an example of future trials.

    The Only Refuge

    Long before this, people must have learned of my Immaculate Heart and the truth that I always out forward.   I say it over and again.   The only place of refuge will be my motherly Immaculate Heart.   There is a place there for everyone, of any faith and of any denomination.

    The urgency is so great, that my heart will remain open until the last minute but no one should wait.   If they do wait they might find themselves far away and unable to arrive on time.   At some point my heart must close, like the doors of the Ark.   Otherwise, the flood waters would enter and destroy those who are within.   What do I mean by all these images?

    What does it mean to enter my heart?  I will explain.

    First, you must know me.   I am the virgin mother of Jesus.   I say virgin, so you know that the Holy Spirit came upon me.   He prepared not just a place for Jesus but a place for all the holy ones.   All are conceived in my womb.   This was proven at Pentecost, when the Spirit came and began the Final Age.   All the disciples were gathered with me in that upper room.

    You enter my heart by faith.   You say “Mary can save me.   Mary is the Ark of the Covenant” (Rev.11:19).   If you wish to know what is happening, if you wish to interpret these events, then read the Book of Revelations, chapter 12.   I am the Woman clothed with the sun.   Even in the greatest darkness, I will be clothed with the sun but you must know who I am and how urgent it is to enter my heart.

    Comment:  On this 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers, Mary uses that event as an example of future trials.

    The Modern Day Cyrus Sent to Israel

    February 21, 2012


    Editor’s note: (In the sixth century B.C., the Jews were exiled in Babylon.   However, Cyrus, King of Persia, conquered Babylon and in 538 B.C.  surprisingly allowed the Jewish captives to return to Jerusalem.   Isaiah (45:1) calls him the shepherd of Yahweh and gives him the title “the anointed of Yahweh.)

    Do not take your eyes off of Israel, because I never remove mine from the people who gave me birth.   Nor do I remove my protecting hand.   However, now they are surrounded by enemies, far stronger than any described in the bible, and they are deciding what needs to be done.   If only they knew to call on me!  If only they had devotion to me, I could lead them on safe paths.

    All is at Risk

    I would have led them quite differently than the path they have taken so far.   Even though the heavenly Father formed them, brought them into existence from the loins of Abraham, and gave them the land called holy, they have allowed the secular spirit to decide their path.  What a people!  For centuries, they wandered the earth with no land to call their own.   Now, the state of Israel has been formed and millions have gone there to regain their hopes.   Yet, all is at risk and can easily be destroyed.   What are my words to that nation which I love? What is the purpose of these events?  I will speak clearly.

    Words to Israel

    O Israel, in the bible, whenever your existence was threatened you turned to your prophets to seek the will of God and to know what to do.   At times, you would listen to those words and repent.   Then, God would avert the danger.   At other times, when no danger existed, you would wander away from God, trusting in your own security.   Now, this has happened again and your enemies are great.   Much to your chagrin, they seek to wipe you off the face of the earth.  So, I say to you, “I will come to you”.   Even now, before the hostilities begin, I am coming to you.   Do not be surprised by the divine signs.   Even though you do not call me “Mother” you are still deep within my heart.   My flesh and blood came from you.   Through me, the prophetic words about your Messiah were fulfilled.   So, where do we go from here?  What will be our relationship in the future?  I will spell it out clearly.

    Modern Day Cyrus

    The threats to your security will open a new era.   A door will open that has been closed for centuries.   It will be a special moment and God will do something new.   Just as when God raised up Cyrus and set his seal upon him to allow the exiles to return, so I will raise up someone according to my own heart.   He, too, will act in a surprising way.   You will know who it is.   Like Cyrus, he will be known to the nations.   When he acts, you will also know that he is acting totally on your behalf.   He will do this unselfishly because he is not an Israeli.

    He will come because I have sent him.   His heart will be gentle and kind.   You will ask him, “Why did you come to save us?”  He will respond, “The woman clothed with the sun sent me.   She is from you.   She is one of you.   She has not forgotten you even though you have rejected her Son”.

    A New Beginning

    Then, Israel, we will begin again.   The former rejections will be set aside.   The old will be swept away.   I will take you to myself.   Like the nations, you, too, will call me “Mother”.   You will be a special son to me because you are the nation that gave me birth.

    Comment:  Mary describes Israel’s present dangers in a totally different light, similar to the Old Testament stories.    She will send a modern Cyrus to claim Israel for herself.

    Snatching the World from Satan’s Hands

    May 3, 2012


    I have been speaking now for a long time, giving many teachings to my children.   Today, I want to bring forward into great clarity, the central message that underlies all that I have said.   This is the foundation.

    I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun and I so much want to come completely onto the scene.   This is the world’s only salvation because when I come on the scene, Satan is cast out.   I am clothed with the sun.   He is the Prince of Darkness.   When the sun rises, the darkness must give way.   Light is more powerful than darkness, which only gains power when the sun sets.   All of the problems, both in the world and in personal lives come from the presence of darkness which can easily be dispelled.

    Rejecting the Supernatural

    However, there are too many errors and too much false teaching.   “We do not need the supernatural” says the world.   “We have the power in our own hands”.   Yes, you have the power to destroy the whole world, to kill the unborn, to construct unjust economic systems and to spend money that you do not have.   This is your power and you exercise it every day.   O world, you do not have my power.   I alone can cast out the satanic powers that are hidden from you.  I alone can free the world and each human heart from the darkness that has come.

    Mary’s Message

    This is my message to you, which I cry out on the rooftops of the internet.   Listen carefully to my words because I will not have much more time to warn you.   “You are overwhelmed with a growing darkness and are coming to a point of total darkness.   The lights of the world are being put out.   Behind the scenes, decisions are being made in many places.   These are various decisions, made by different people who do not even know each other.   There are decisions to build nuclear weapons, decisions to launch them and decisions to prevent their launching.   There are decisions to change the world’s economic systems, to buy elections, to create new political structures.   These leaders act in darkness and in their own self-interest”.

    Snatching the World

    Everyone who does not call on me walks in darkness.   That is my clear message.   I am the Woman whom the heavenly Father has Clothed with the Sun.   He has deliberately made this decision.   He has deliberately brought me forth at this crucial moment of darkness because He wants to surprise Satan whose plans are now coming to a point of worldwide destruction.   The Father has raised me up to snatch the world from Satan’s hands, at the last minute, so to speak, when it seems his victory is inevitable.   Everyone who calls on me, I will bring into the full light of the sun.   Whoever rejects me, can fall into darkness.

    Comment: This message certainly is central, summing up what Mary has been saying.

    Why Does Satan Delay?

    May 17, 2012


    I know exactly what I must do.   Everything is clear before my eyes.   I see the forces of evil and how they are aligned.   I see the plans that have been drawn up for centuries and those whom Satan will use.   Nothing escapes my eye, because the Almighty One has revealed everything to me.   I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun.   To me, the Father has given power to conquer the Evil One and to set the world free of his darkness.

    Why Delay?

    I see the time that is so short.   The beginning phases have already taken place but few are aware.   The troops have been moved into place.   It is just a matter of the general, Satan, giving the command.   Why does he wait?  His troops are overwhelming and his prey is unsuspecting and unprepared.   What is the matter?  He is making a mistake.   He is not satisfied with what he already has and what he could easily snatch away.   He sees what is outside of his grasp.

    The Little Ones

    Who are these?  These are the thousands of “little ones”, my little ones.   Those who have listened to my words.   These are the “children of light”.   They are not the thoughtless children of light who do not fully value the light.   These are the enlightened souls.   They cherish that light, value that light and will never sell the light.   They are like the five wise virgins who would not share their oil, lest they would not meet the bridegroom.   These are Satan’s greatest envy and he does not yet have them.   They are not in his grasp and they are not even within his reach.

    Loses Time

    So, he waits.   He even loses time.   He willingly gives up other opportunities.   He is furious that they escape his net.   He tries other strategies, but I know them all and I warn my enlightened souls.   They listen to me.   They follow me.   In this way, they stay out of Satan’s reach.

    O reader, this is why I speak.   Without my words, you would not survive his plans.   Open your eyes to the dangers and you will never trust your own powers.

    Comment: Mary shares her spiritual vision that encompasses everything.

    Being Clothed with the Sun

    May 20, 2012


    With all the stirrings, and all the events and all the problems, what can anyone do? That will be the hopelessness that descends upon mankind.  There is no one to whom the world can turn.  Even the most powerful world leaders will have no power at all.

    But I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the heavenly Father has given me great powers.  The Sun represents the fullness of God’s powers and I will clothe my children with my Sun.  It will be a blanket of protection which will blind Satan and keep him from laying a hand on you.

    A New Devotion

    This is the new devotion that I will teach you now, before everything begins.  First, you must call me “Woman”.  This is not disrespectful.  It is what Jesus called me at Cana, “Woman, what is that to me and you?”, and at the cross, “Woman, behold your son”.

    I am both mother and woman.  As mother I care for my children.  As Woman, I leave the home and go out into the world, exercising the fullness of power given me by the heavenly Father.   Ask me to clothe you with the Sun.  I will gladly do this.  Being clothed with the sun, you must allow me to withdraw you from all worldly darkness.  You must allow me to make you a child of total light.

    A Constant Light

    Also, you cannot go from light to darkness.  My sun does not set.  There must be not even one moment of darkness.  “Being clothed with the sun” means a total commitment to light and a total shunning of all that is dark.

    Clothing you with the sun is like any of God’s spiritual gifts.  It is given as soon as you ask and is meant to constantly increase as you value the gift.

    Begin now.  Ask for this divine sun.  Accept it fully.  Give it power in your life and always ask for more of my Sun.  You will see the effects immediately.

    Comment: Mary is not just “clothed with the sun”.  She will clothe you with her sun.

    The Mysteries of the Woman

    May 21, 2012


    When my son was on this earth, people said many silly things, as if he were John the Baptist risen from the dead, or Elijah or one of the prophets.  The truth of who he was stayed buried in the circle of disciples to whom He slowly revealed himself by signs and wonders and teachings.

    The first sign came at Cana.  From the beginning I was immersed in the mystery.  After that, I did not travel with him.  It was not the Father’s plan that I should be engaged with Jesus in his active ministry.  However, when the events were about to draw to a close, the Father wanted me at the cross.

    Two Occasions

    On both occasions, at Cana and at Calvary, Jesus called me “Woman”.  The second time, the Beloved Disciple heard that title, as he took me into his care.   The title stayed in his heart and he often asked himself, “Why would Jesus call his mother, ‘Woman’”? This is the great mystery which I am trying to unfold to all the world, a mystery hidden for all ages, even though well attested to in the scriptures.  This is a mystery kept secret, known but unknown, a gift given from the very beginning when God said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman; between your offspring and hers.  He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel”.  Yes, given at the beginning but not yet opened.

    What mysteries are contained in that title “Woman”! What powers of God have not yet been poured out! I am the Woman.  Jesus, himself gave me that title, not once but twice.  His words are the key into the great mystery.

    Is not every woman a mystery, a sealed garden which invites the Beloved to come and seek, to search for her inner treasures? What mysteries lie in the heart of a woman? What love can pour out? What life she can nourish and sustain! She holds mysteries of life in her body and mysteries of love in her heart.

    How deep are the mysteries which God has placed in my Immaculate Heart as he established me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

    Comment: Mary begins to reveal the great mysteries contained in her title, “The Woman Clothed With the Sun”.

    Piercing the Darkness By Special Signs

    May 23, 2012


    The mind of God sees every human person.  All have their place in his plan.  All are loved by him, but all are not equal in his sight.  He created the nine choirs of angels, some mightier than others and some with tasks closer to his throne (all for his honor and glory).  He loves every human person but he created each one individually, assigning a place in the Mystical Body of Christ and a task to be accomplished in the short time the person lives on earth.  All must be done according to God’ design because, only in this way, does each person find their happiness and fulfillment.

    Lucifer – From Light into Darkness

    Mankind, however, has lost its way.  How can people find their place in God’s plan, when God Himself is set aside? When man’s plan is substituted for God’s plan? This took place also in heaven when the great angel, Lucifer, said “I will not serve.” He rejected God’s plan (which is filled with light) and fell into complete darkness.  That is the present state of the world – a growing darkness and walking away from God’s light.

    How long can this continue without severe consequences? The effect has already been felt in the wars and turmoil of the 20th century.  Now a new century has dawned and the pace away from God and into the darkness increases.  Mankind is no longer walking into darkness, he is plunging and falling into a hopeless darkness, where he will never find his way back into God’s light.

    A Public Presence

    That is why I must come on the scene, but not in just a hidden way, speaking to the hearts of my children.  I must come in an open and public way, as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  When mankind followed God’s laws, my inner light for each soul was enough.  Now, however, total darkness covers mankind and inner light is not enough.  Now, I assert my title and my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  There have already been public manifestations of my presence at special places of apparitions.  But even this is not enough.  I must multiply the light and the divine signs.  Only in this way can the great darkness be pierced and mankind be called again to follow God’s plan.

    Comment: Mary continues her explanation of being the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  She promises greater signs to overcome the darkness.


    Pentecostal Fires

    May 27, 2012


    As you look behind all of creation, and go behind what is seen and touched, you come to the beating heart of God, the love that flows forth in the beauty of the skies and the flowers in the field.  From this beating heart comes forth only beauty and life.  If so, what has happened to creation, with its ugliness and death? These must come from a different heart, a heart powerless to create but wanting to destroy creation.

    Human life experiences two forces and they are often confused.  This is the state of mankind, created by the loving heart of God but victim to the destructive desires of the Evil One.

    Sending the Holy Spirit

    In this struggle, the Father poured out upon creation the deepest gift of his beating heart.  He sent his own Holy Spirit who descended this day upon those instructed by Jesus, the disciples.  They understood what was happening.  When they prayed in new languages, others could see that something new was taking place.  When these others were baptized, they, too, received the same Holy Spirit.  The Church was born, the community that understands and preaches the Spirit of God.

    Has anything changed? Has the heavenly Father withdrawn his Spirit? Not at all.  He wants to pour out the Spirit upon all flesh.

    This is why I want the whole Church to invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  When that happens, a new era of the Holy Spirit will begin.  There have been many new outpourings of the Holy Spirit.  The manifestation of tongues is now frequent and used by many Catholics.  However, much of the Spirit’s fire has been quenched, unable to be received adequately and, in many cases, not understood.

    A Second Outpouring

    Come, accept me as the Woman. I first received the outpouring when the Spirit formed Christ’s physical body.  I was there for the second outpouring, when my spouse, the Spirit, came upon me again in the fullness of his Pentecostal fires.

    O Church, invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the Father will send the Holy Spirit in the greatest way since that first Pentecost.  The fires are not dead.  They still burn in the Father’s heart and he would pour them forth.

    Comment: Mary makes this direct connection between her role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.

    Stripping People of Authority

    May 31, 2012


    I see the whole world.  I see every heart and everyone’s situation.  All is clear to me.  This is the heavenly Father’s gift, so I can fulfill my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.   The task is not easy because of what I see.  In heaven, I see God’s glory and all the angels and saints rejoicing forever.  But on earth, I see so many hearts that have been deprived of eternal life.  I see dark forces that act like obstacles to divine light.  I even see some who are actively involved in destroying the light.  I see some, who have great power using their authority to further the kingdom of darkness, even though they do not know what they are doing.   This is the darkness that I see upon the earth, a powerful darkness that is spreading and ensnaring many who used to be in the light.

    Disarm the Enemy

    I also see the children of light.  By this term, I mean those who are rooted in light and who deeply love the light.  Before my eyes, spreads a gigantic, daily battle, in which the forces of darkness are great and the forces of light are small and weak.  So, I must act.  I cannot let the battle continue in this way.  I must disarm the enemy and embolden my children.

    This is my plan.  I will begin with those in power who further the kingdom of darkness.  I will strip them of their authority.  This has already begun.  The wheels are set in motion but this is not enough.

    I will raise up my children of light and I will have them standing in the wings, so when I topple those now in power, they will be ready to assume the mantle of justice.  Enough is enough.  I will do this on every level of government.  Then, I will begin the same process among non-elected officials and upon the titans of industry.  Change must take place quickly.

    Comment: Only a divine intervention can turn the tide back to the light.

    A Rich Woman Amid a Disaster

    June 3, 2012


    I am trying to pull all of the world into my Immaculate Heart, the Ark of the Covenant, where all can find a place of refuge.  My heart is the only place that is safe in this world and I will protect those who enter.  For others, I must search and try to find them.

    Let us say that a disaster happens, but a rich woman with all of her resources wants to help.  She goes through the streets of the city and invites all to come to her home.  Those who enter receive the finest care.  Those who refuse to enter, she does not spurn.  They, too, like all the inhabitants, are in her heart.  She plans how she can help them even though they remain in the devastated city.  Some, who receive her aid, see her love and they, too, enter her home.

    The Rich Woman

    I am that rich woman.  In my heart, the Father has placed all that man needs.  In my heart, I can give total care.  Yet, to even those who do not yet know of my heart, I go forth by these messages.  Through these words I offer you, O reader, all that I can.  Hopefully you would ask.  Who is this woman? What does she mean by this invitation to enter her heart? By these stirrings, I invite you to come closer and receive all the help I can lavish upon you.  Let the messages reveal the Woman Clothed With the Sun who has come to help you.  Look for me and I will be there.  Seek me and I will lead you on a special road into my heart.  That is my goal.

    Comment: Mary fills her messages with hope to encourage the reader to search for the source of that hope.


    The Divine Illumination

    June 10, 2012


    I do not want the Church to spend its energy going around in circles or constantly getting off the path of true devotion.  Coming to God, arriving in his presence and living in his face is meant to be clear and straightforward, available to all and easy to understand and accomplish.

    I, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, am God’s divine secret.  My light is powerful and can be seen even in the greatest darkness.  I do not want any soul to be lost.  For this purpose, I shine this great light of my teachings.

    The soul must be right with God, honest and upright in the depth of its being.  Catholic practice must not be on the surface.  My light must pierce to the heart and people must accept the full light, even if it reveals their sins and failures.

    A Piercing Light

    Often, when I speak of light, people think of it as a guiding light.  That is too superficial.  My light is a piercing light, going right to the heart, exposing all the darkness that claims every human heart.  This is the problem of mankind.  People walk in great, inner darkness and they do not seek the only light that can free them.

    In heaven, everyone is filled with light.  All are purified.  They see the great beauty of their souls.  However, this glorious state only comes about by an infusion of divine light.  This is my revelation.  I am ready to pour out that divine light upon the whole world.  I have already begun, in isolated cases.  I will multiply this gift, especially among those who call on me and are somewhat acquainted with this experience.

    By this inner light, I will bring about great saints in great numbers.  I must do this now.   This is my plan to overcome the future darkness.

    Comment: Mary is speaking of a special divine illumination.  Some have already experienced this.  She promises to make it more widespread.


    The Middle East Chaos

    June 16, 2012


    I repeat my words because many do not grasp the gravity of the situation.  The Middle East is in chaos and this chaos will spill out.  At this point, it seems like the problems are only in Syria.  However, other countries can easily be drawn into this conflict which will spread rapidly because of the tribal and religious divisions among the people.

    No Stability

    Nothing is stable.  No country has a firewall of protection.  Every country will be affected.  Safeguards against the terrorist groups will be greatly weakened.  They will grow bolder and act more aggressively.  What will happen when governments topple and atomic weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups? I have already spoken of this before.

    No Repentance

    Still, the world goes on, as if nothing will change.  There has been no turning to God and repentance, no beating of the breasts or seeking pardon.

    Repentance was common in the Ages of Faith and God was pleased.  Even though man had strayed, his repentance always found an open door in God’s heart.  That door remains open but no one says, “Let us return.  Let us enter God’s heart”.  The world and world leaders go their merry way, seeking only to be re-elected and serve another term.  The grave crisis is at their door and they do not even see it.

    The Next Few Months

    Well, I see it and I alert everyone.  In the next few months, the world will shake.  Events will spill out, one after another.  Each event will carry its bad news.  The world will hear the bad news.  Will the world repent and turn to God?

    This is why I speak and, even repeat my words.  So listen clearly: “These events do not come from God.  The come from Satan who controls the hearts of many.  He uses them to spread his violence and death.  I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I am Satan’s enemy and I know how to thwart his plans and to save my people.  These months are urgent.  It is not the time for eating and drinking, buying and selling.  It is the time to set aside earthly distractions and to come before God.  I will lead you and go with you.  Return to mass, even every day.  Pick up your rosary.  Return to family prayer.  These are the appropriate actions in this crisis.”

    Comment: Our Lady is very clear.  The Middle East will spill over.  Every believer must change and come before God.

    Pitfalls and Darkness

    June 18, 2012



    How many and how great are the pitfalls that can entrap anyone, holding them captive even for a lifetime.  Yet, man wants to walk around blindfolded, not desiring the divine light which could easily fill his soul and help him to avoid these pitfalls.  O reader, do you want God’s light? Just ask me.  I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I share God’s light with everyone who seeks it.

    The Commandments

    However, man deliberately closes his eyes.  He has no interest in God’s light.  He sets aside the bible and the clear teachings of the Church.  He allows his heart to be filled with the world’s darkness.  He falls into some pit.  This is inevitable.  In modern life, pitfalls dot the landscape and the person must navigate them, watching closely not to be entrapped.  This protecting light comes from God’s commandments.

    Even if a person does not see what lies ahead, if they always obey God’s commands, they will not even approach these pitfalls.  Their obedience safeguards them from numerous trials.   Compare this with the person who compromises, who knows God’s law but is not firmly committed to keeping the law.  Yes, this is what is needed, a firm commitment.  So, I say, “Never compromise.  Do not even take the first step down the road of darkness.  You endanger everything – your eternal place in heaven and your years here on earth.  So many have fallen in an unsuspecting moment.”

    Sources of Light

    Here is my plan.  First, search out the sources of light.  Read God’s word.  Find people who love God and be with them.  In this way, you will live in a culture of light and will quickly spot the darkness.  Second, you must be aware of the sources of darkness in your life and get them out of your life.  Get rid of them as completely as possible.  Do not count the cost.  No sacrifice is too high a price.


    O child of God, in the world you will only find pitfalls and darkness.  To find light, you must turn to me.  That is why I speak.

    Comment: Mary’s warning describes modern life.  She wants so much to pull us away from the pitfalls.

    Sharing in Mary’s Task

    June 20, 2012


    When an opportunity opens up, you must be prepared and ready to take it.  This was the secret of the saints.  They were always ready and eager to do God’s will.  They did not lay back.  They were in the forefront, always seeking to do more.  I gained every possible grace for them, and they accepted every grace, even when it demanded great sacrifice.

    The Call to Sacrifice

    Come, let me reveal to you the road that very few travel, the road of sacrifices.  This is a special road which blesses every life.  It is a hidden road, known by few and loved by even fewer.

    I walked this road of sacrifices because God called me to be the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  There are others whom I call to share in this task of casting light on the world.  This will be my great gift.  I will light up the whole world, not just with special signs (these, too, will be included) but with an inner light.  Each person will receive this light within their own soul.  Everything will be revealed to them, their sins, their choices, their graces, their special moments in the past.  Who will help me cast this light? I need souls who will sacrifice themselves for my plans.

    Time of Special Graces

    This is the time of the greatest graces that God has ever offered the world through His Son, Jesus.  The greatest graces are given more abundantly than in any era of the Church.

    I want to open your eyes.  What was reserved for the few is now available to the many.  Graces that were hardly known or mentioned are now commonplace.  I cannot say this too clearly.  This time is very special but I need special souls who are willing to sacrifice for my cause so I can fill the whole world with light and many will respond.

    There are many types of souls.  Some receive grace but also win grace, even the grace of eternal salvation for others.  This is the great task – to save souls.  How many helpers I need! Will you, reader, be one? Offer yourself.  Pray, “Mary, I want to help you to save souls”.  That is enough.  Say it often.  Renew your offering.  I will teach you what to do next.

    Comment: We are in a time of very special graces.  Mary is trying to save souls and she needs helpers.

    A Call to Arms

    June 22, 2012


    Let no one say that I have not warned the world.  I have spoken time and again, at Fatima, Kibeho, Medjugorje, Akita and so many other places.  I have spoken to so many and in so many ways.  To the children at Fatima by visions and to Fr.  Gobbi by locutions.  A whole body of literature, filled with my teachings, has sprung up in the Church.  Why this rapid spread of my word? Cannot the Church piece things together? How many signs are given so clearly! I will not abandon my Church.  I will not abandon my children.  I will not abandon the world that tries to call upon me.  Abandon them to what? To the trials that are ahead, which lie right around the corner?

    Cosmic Powers

    As the fires of destruction burn more brightly, I will increase my words.  I will always help you, but you must turn to me.  Yes, run to the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman to whom the Father has given cosmic powers.  Do not say that I work only within hearts.  I can stop wars, prevent disasters, and remove the very weapons that can destroy the earth.  My help will come to those who ask.  First, I must place faith in hearts, so people say “Mary can help us”.  Second, I must place fidelity.  They must cry out night and day.  Third, I must place universality.  All must call on me.  I want no one sitting on the sidelines with their arms folded say “I’ll wait and see”.

    When will the churches be filled – day and night? What needs to happen so the Church gets the message? I speak to the Church because, at least, you give me a hearing.

    Pastors, come before me with your people.  Forsake your other tasks.  They bear little fruit which is quickly swept away.  Call an assembly.  Come before me with hearts lifted up.  I want a praying Church, an adoring Church.  I want a Church on its knees and filled with repentance for all the sins of the world.  If I get that kind of Church, I will work miracles in your sight.

    Comment: Mary gives a definite call to arms and the Church, with its pastors, must listen.


    The Promises of the Woman

    June 23, 2012


    The options narrow.  What could have been accomplished, even a decade ago, is not longer available.  The longer the wait, the more Satan has the field to himself.  The more he can claim and the more he controls.  Less and less is left to be rescued.  Cities are burned and people go into captivity.  Hope is lost for the people who would have responded.  Now, they see no reason to resist, or to gather, or to enter the battle.

    When will my Church awaken? When will they begin to call upon the Woman Clothed With the Sun? I will gather your spiritual armies.  I will collect your holy people.  I will instruct them in the depths of their hearts.  I would release a Flame of Love that will blind Satan and set the captives free.

    A Dedicated Army

    I am ready to take extraordinary steps and pour out unheard of graces.  I will raise up my children to prophesy in my name.  This is what I am trying to reveal.  The world and the Church need extraordinary help, however, I am ready to pour this out.  But the people must be told that I am the Woman whom the Father has clothed with cosmic powers.  I demand an army, not people who come and go.  I demand total dedication and complete sacrifice of self.

    This is not the time for part-time disciples, or for timid believers.  I will be with them totally but they must be with me totally.  There are no vacations.  This is an all out war and it has already begun but my Church has not sounded the trumpet or called to arms.

    I am ready to lead.  When is the Church ready to follow? I will set out shortly even if my army is small.  If my Pope does not blow the trumpet, I will blow it for him.

    Comment: Mary does not speak in a vacuum.  World events are spiraling out of control.

    The Secrets of Medjugorje

    June 24, 2012


    I turn to you, little ones, who believe in my word.  I do not speak now to the world, nor do I even speak to my Church.  I speak, rather, to those in the Church who have a special devotion to me, to those who are aware of the Marian Age and who have prayed and sacrificed for this Age of Mary.

    Thirty-one years ago, I began my special visions to the children at Medjugorje and I have appeared there ever since.  I have always been faithful to my promise that I would appear every day until each visionary has received my ten secrets.  Then, the secrets will begin to happen, announced ahead of time according to my plan.  These visitations and these secrets show that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I know what will happen and I can prepare my children for what will happen.

    In the great fervor of this little village of Medjugorje much has already happened.  Millions have gone there and had their faith renewed.  Many have changed their lives.  All have come away with new hope.

    A New Stage

    Today, I want to speak about a new stage, a quicker and more extensive way of spreading the graces of Medjugorje.  Even with the widespread popularity, the little village is still unknown to many.  Also, the extraordinary graces are held too tightly.  They are not fully released in my Church.  I will cut the strings and unloose the bonds.  I have never wanted these strings and these bonds that have limited the flow of graces.

    I must do this, especially because the time of fulfillment is so much closer.  In the beginning, the secrets were decades away.  Now, that is no longer true.  Their fulfillment is at hand and they cannot just happen.  There must be a spiritual fervor so all the blessings of Medjugorje can be received.  I say this so often.  When heaven pours out its blessings, the Church must be ready to receive.  Receiving requires preparing.  Preparing requires fervor.  Fervor requires a firm determination to set aside everything else.  Study Medjugorje.  Read my messages and prepare your hearts.  The time of fulfillment is not far away.

    Comment: Many have been spiritually and personally blessed by Medjugorje.  Mary now wants a new stage of fervor.

    A Worldwide Experience

    June 30, 2012


    No one knows where to turn.  There are no answers on any side.  The human race has taken its own path, fueled by the selfishness of nations and people.  What else can be expected? Man without God has only illusory lights and false goals.  Without God, man chooses only earthly goals.  Passion and selfishness guide his choices and man always believes that he can figure out the right answer.

    Everything goes astray when the human heart strays.  A brilliant intellect only complicates the problems even more.

    Can Mankind Be Saved?

    As mankind hurtles to the inevitable where forces beyond his control and beyond his intellect have foolishly led him, the question is always the same.  Can mankind be saved? Can the human family avoid an atomic conflagration? Can the forces of greed be turned around so that economies do not collapse?

    These are not superficial questions, answered by legislation or treaties or conferences or the coming together of nations.  These are profound questions.  They began from the disorders of the human heart and they can only be solved by a conversion of the human heart.

    A Worldwide Preacher

    Yet, who can bring this about? What preacher can bring mankind to its knees? Who can bring about a massive repentance and a turning back to God? Who can renew mankind and reestablish the whole human race in a new innocence?

    There must be a divine intrusion, a special saving moment, a worldwide, interior experience that touches every human heart.  This is my goal as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  It will not be easy.  It will not be the work of one moment or of one day, but this is the only solution.  Come, let us begin.  Let us prepare.  To all who ask, I will pour out my great light of repentance.

    I will begin with the little ones who already look for me.  I will increase their light so they are totally absorbed in me.  This will be the first step.

    Comment: Mary speaks of gigantic problems and gigantic solutions that begin now.

    Bringing Jesus to the World

    July 3, 2012


    Do not parents look for their children? Do not those who are in love look for each other? The human heart goes forth.  It searches, sometimes not even knowing what it searches for.  This is mankind – always searching and looking, but so often looking for the wrong thing or not even knowing what to look for.

    The restlessness of the human heart.  This is the great mystery.  This restlessness has led to everything – great discoveries and great wars, great blessings and great destruction.  God made the human heart restless so it would seek and find him.  He sent his only Son, Jesus, so we could find him more easily.  Now, he sends me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, so all can see.

    Giving Birth to Jesus

    My task is to bring God closer to man.  I have already done this as a Jewish woman giving birth to Jesus, the Savior.  Now, I will do it a second time in my role as the Woman.  Yes, I will again bring Jesus to the world.  This will not be in the form of a new-born baby, but Jesus as the Son of Man, the Jesus of glory, the Jesus of Revelation.

    This is a great mystery which I have tried to explain and will continue to explain.

    Divine Visitations

    There are many divine visitations, moments when God comes upon earth with very special manifestations.  There are histories of these events, which are accompanied by unique manifestations and repentant hearts.  These moments leave behind great spiritual effects and people try to describe what has happened to them.

    This is what I will begin to bring about as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and this is what I mean when I say that the Father has given me the task of again bringing Jesus to the world.  This will be through special moments and seasons of refreshment, special signs and wonders, and a special presence of Jesus.

    These will happen more often and will be more sustained and fruitful if those who receive them honor me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

    Comment: Religious history records times and places of God’s visitations.  Mary says that this will be her gift to man’s restless heart.

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