Two Percent Survival
Two Percent Survival
Two Percent Survival

Modern Events

(September 13 to September 17, 2012)
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The Demonstrations at the Embassies

September 13, 2012


I must again ascend the pulpit to speak to the world because the great fires are being lit.  They will burn a long time and will damage the remaining places of hope in the Middle East.  The taunts and the jibes and the demonstrations are everywhere.  However, the great violence that is waiting in the wings has not yet been unleashed.

All the diplomats will scurry around and send their statements to one another.  The press will comment.  The media will give its spin.  However, it is too late.  The fires of Satan have been building, and I have pinpointed the centers of his strongholds, Cairo, Syria and Iran.  These fires are protected by the Muslim radicals and their armor cannot be pierced.

These fires are the next step, the next phase.  We are not yet at the center of the fires that Satan has prepared.

The Boiling Pot

September 14, 2012


Many do not see what is happening because they judge by human standards.  They do not see the heart of man and the battle between good and evil that takes place to possess his heart.  When man gives himself to evil, he gives his heart.  He is drawn into darkness and evil.  Some are drawn deeply and become instruments of evil.  Others are drawn somewhat and they cannot be used to fight evil.  This is what has happened for so long in the Middle East.  These fires can rage because they find so many hearts that act as their fuel.  It has become the boiling pot of Satan, and human responses will not put out these fires.

Is the Indescribable Inevitable?

September 15, 2012


I do not have words to express what lies ahead.  If I were to describe the turmoil and the destruction, the human mind could not conceive of it.  It is beyond human telling or human understanding.  No one is ready to handle the massacres of human life or the extent to which human life will be subjected to infernal sufferings.

The fires will lap up wood and water, burning the one and drying up the other.  Jerusalem will be in tatters and Israel will be shaken.  Everywhere, there will be sirens of emergencies.  The world will look on in horror.  The steps were not taken when all could have been prevented.

Is this scene inevitable? Or, can I send my son, the pope, to save Jerusalem before its total destruction, to save it even before a bomb is dropped, to shed his blood so that many others will not.  This is the one whom I hold in my heart, my precious one, who has been with me from the beginning and whom I have never abandoned.  He is the one whom I will raise up.  He will stay closer to me than ever before, he and the others who are with him.

All the World Will See

September 16, 2012


No one will touch what is holy to me except in the way and to the degree that I allow it to happen.  All the events will be under my control when it comes to the holy places and to those persons who are consecrated to my purposes.

Nothing will happen by chance or in a haphazard way.  These persons will know exactly what they are to do and when they are to do it, so the greatest maximum coverage of these events is brought about.

These events must not be hidden from the world.  All are to see and grasp.  They will not be hidden events, but quite the opposite.  Their power consists in the whole world seeing them and understanding them as they unfold.

Destroying Satan’s Possessions

September 16, 2012


What more is there to say? These events will unfold quickly, one after another.  Each will prepare for the next event.  All have been planned by Satan for centuries.  However, there will be a hidden force.  My hand will be guiding these events.  I will soften them.  They will not have the full destructive power that Satan thought they would and which he intended.

Even more important, they will flow in a surprising way, which even Satan did not intend.  They will harm some of the people that he has put in place and from whom he hoped for even greater destruction.  In these current events which are disrupting the world, there will be my power which will end up destroying some important parts of Satan’s plans.  When a person begins a fire, sometimes his own possessions are destroyed.

Final Words

September 16, 2012


Do not fear, little ones.  Even these destructive events are in my hands.  I will keep safe all who turn to me.  There are many sources of protection and many ways to escape the evil that is to come.  But the time is short and you must not put off what must be done, indeed what should have already been accomplished.

Begin with a good confession of your sins and a firm turning away from all that is evil.  Everyone must be purified anew and afresh.  Forgive one another and strengthen your relationships, so that you will be at each other’s side to help.  Finally, do not fear.  Fear does no good.  Instead, pray and hope and act.  I will lead all who call on me.  I will not fail you.  Soon, I will speak again about the world and its problems.  Look for my words.

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