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Mary Searches for Her Children

(September 4 to September 12, 2012)

When All Is Threatened

September 4, 2012


The world is not the way it should be because of the sins of mankind.  Now those sins have multiplied and accrued, so the world is more separated from heaven than ever before.  Who will bridge this great divide? Only heaven gives life to earth and, if the two are totally separated, earth will become a place for death, not life.

Already this takes place, as violence fills so many parts of earth.  When will the tipping moment occur, when the powers of life can no longer keep back the forces of death? A moment arrives, when the invading army breaks through the ramparts and then all life inside is threatened.

Mary’s Help In Darkness

September 5, 2012


This is the moment to which the sins of mankind have brought earth, a moment when earth is plunged into a total darkness, where no light appears and all the sources of light seem to be cut off.  It is the moment of darkness.  In that moment, my children will know that I have not abandoned them.  They will live by the greatest of faith because I have given them my words.  My words will be the only light that they have.

As they believe my words, they will hear my voice in their hearts and in their midst.  My voice will become stronger and clearer.  The words will be firm and strong, almost commanding belief.  Whoever allows my words to have power over them will be saved.  No one must change my words or dilute them.  They will be the strong medicine which mankind needs in order to be rescued.

Crisis and Help

September 6, 2012


The moment of the greatest crisis will also be the moment of my greatest help.  No one must fear.  As the darkness grows my inner light will also grow.  As confusion increases, my words of truth will grow louder.

As the problems grow greater, I will come closer.  Yes, I will come for my children.  I will never, never abandon them.  Therefore, they must trust and learn to call upon me now, before the events begin.  In this way, I will already have a hold upon them.  Do not wait for the last minute.  Make secure your relationship to me.

Rescue From the Torrent

September 7, 2012


How quickly the events will pour forth, like a rushing stream which has the greatest power to sweep aside everything in its path.  The secret is not to be in its path but to seek safety on the high ground of my Immaculate Heart.

I do not want my children subjected to the powers that would draw them astray.  I would rescue them from the torrent.  Some, even now, are safely hidden in my Immaculate heart.  They are the wise ones who see and understand how I am their mother and how I keep safe all who call upon me.  These words are for them and for others.  Those safe in my Immaculate Heart must stay there and help me to draw others.  By these words, I search for the others.

The Great Danger

September 8, 2012


How many do not see these dangers.  They wander after foolish trifles, when they should be seeking the high ground of safety.  Instead, they go off, heedless of what lies ahead, unaware of the forces that would catch them off guard, far from the protection of my Immaculate Heart.

How can they find their way, unless they know that my heart is a safe refuge? I must search for them and make myself known to them.  I must say, “I am your Mother and you are in danger.  Follow me.  That is enough.”

Many Slipping Away

September 9, 2012


The world is a powerful, powerful stream, causing so many to be pulled away from the safety of my presence.  I watch my children pulled by a thousand attractions that absorb them from morning until night.  They hardly turn their minds to me and while giving their hearts to so many trifles.  They spend every moment searching for what passes away.

They seek this pleasure or that moment of entertainment, the countless moments when their minds are absorbed by the media and the technology.  Their spirits are dry and superficial.  I cannot get a hold on their hearts.  They are slipping away from me – not slowly but quickly, not a few but many.  Oh, my sorrows!

The Name “Mary”

September 11, 2012


I look and I search.  If any just call upon my name, “Mary”, I can act.  Yes, all they need to do is to use my name, “Mary”.  Many have forgotten my name.  Many have never been taught the power that lies in my name.  “Mary”, that is all they need to say.  Say it quietly, and I will hear.  Say it often, and your heart will be turning to me, like a lost person sending out distress signals.  Just say my name, “Mary”.  That is enough, I will rescue you.

Turning Back

September 12, 2012


I cannot turn away from them.  I must accept the fullness of sorrow which comes from looking and searching.  I will never give up.  I will never turn my face away.

Possibly, they will look back to me and I will save them.  That is all I need, just a glance, a look, an attempt to turn back.  If even one turns back for a moment, I will be ready to gather them in and save them from the waters of eternal death.  They will be safely in my arms.

Final Words

September 12, 2012


What more can I say? I would call each one by name.  Yes, I know all their names.  Each name is inscribed in my heart.  When the lance pierced the heart of my Son on the cross, God wrote the names of all his children on my heart.  He wrote their names with that lance.  Suddenly, all the names were inscribed.  I can never erase them.  I can never forget even one of them.  Now, you can see my sorrows.  You can see why I search for them and try to call them back.  My search will never end.  I will never give up, even if I have to stand at the very doors of hell so I can prevent even one from entering.  What more can I say? These messages are complete.

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